Color Me RAD

Last Saturday, we drove to Orem with Sophia and Sherry Traher for the Color Me Rad 5K race that was held on the campus of Utah Valley University.

The instructions for the race were to wear white: 

The girls couldn't wait to get some color on them, so while we were waiting in line for check-in, they went and scooped up handfuls of colored powder they found on the ground. 

We missed the beginning of our heat (and we were the last heat of the morning), but it the race was super casual and it didn't even matter. There were lots of kids along the course and plenty of non-runners. We saw a couple of people on roller skates and there were some others with scooters like us. 

(The girls ditched their swim goggles as soon as they found sunglasses in their swag bags.)

And then while we were waiting for Sherry to run our stuff back to the car, the girls went and posed for a quick picture in the photographer tent. I am sad that we didn't get an "after" picture taken as well. 

And then we were off and running. It wasn't long before the girls were taking turns with who had to use the scooter. So we passed one of our two scooters off to a little boy who was eager for a ride. 

There was a "color station" every kilometer where volunteers sprayed us with color and threw colored powder at us. It was just perfect for the kids because it gave them motivation to keep going. And there were enough runners that it created a bit of a bottleneck, so it slowed things down for a minute and gave everyone a little breather. 

We stopped mid-run to pose for a picture. That's what type of a race it was. 

We stayed pretty close and finished the race together. I got to see my friend, Jessie, and her girls for a split second, but then they were off to soccer games. 

After the race, they continued throwing prizes off a big lift; Rachel wanted to be right in the middle of all of the action. 

Every ten minutes or so, they had a countdown and threw more of the brightly colored powder into the air. 

The packets were clearly marked "for religious purposes only". 

When all was said and done, Lucy was the most colorful.

But I'd say that everyone went home with plenty of color. 

Go to www.colormerad.com and find a race near you!

And definitely bring your kids. . . or someone else's kids. (Children under 8 run for free.) Running the race with these girls is what made it so much fun: 


MaRea Hess said...

What a fun 5k run! Your girls looked like the had the time of their life.

Rebecca said...

Fun!!! Great pictures!

j bella said...

You are such a rockstar Emily. What a fabulous mom you are.

Anonymous said...

just found your post & thinking we might enter. how long does it take to get color out of hair? daughter is a blonde! thanks :)