Not Sure What to Think

Me to Mrs. V: I found this crumpled in Lucy's backpack. She insists that she can't remember why she wrote it. . . which makes me suspect it was probably a punishment? Can you tell me about it??

Mrs. V to Me: Good morning! I do not know why Lucy would have written that. It was not a punishment. :)

Me to Mrs. V: Hmmm. . . how strange. Well, that's a relief. I was worried that she might have conveniently forgotten about something she had done that wasn't very nice. Thanks for being such a great teacher!

Mrs. V to Me: No worries. :) If Lucy ever gets herself in that kind of trouble I'll let you know. :) I can't imagine Lucy doing that. . . haha! She's a great kid!!

. . . . . . 

Of course, that made me feel a little guilty about the little talk I had with Lucy about honesty after she repeatedly told me she couldn't remember anything about this paper. But I'm still curious what would have prompted her to write something like this. . . Any ideas???

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Min said...

She's going to be a writer. The modern Dear Abby. This is just practice.