Alaska Road Trip: Day 1

We were hoping to leave by noon, but it was closer to 4:00 pm when we finally rolled out of town.

It was really important to Steve that we gave ourselves plenty of time to get everything organized; he did not want to leave rushed. I started the morning off with a trip to the DMV to get our trailer licensed and registered. And then I took our new Pilot to the Honda dealership and had crossbars installed on our roof rack. Steve finished up the last of the packing. I made one final run to the trailer store for some miscellaneous supplies and then to Costco for more food. Unfortunately, I let the kids talk me into buying slices of greasy pizza the size of your head.

(I won't ever make that mistake again.) 

Steve fixed the sprinklers and finished planting the garden. I know these aren't beautiful, but I quickly took a few pictures with my phone so we would be able to see how much the plants grew while we were gone: 

At the last minute, we decided there was plenty of room in the trailer for bikes and loaded them up.

And then we were off.

We were a bit frustrated when we found out that our best traveling speed was 50 mph and that we were averaging 10 mpg. But at that point, there wasn't much we could do about it, so we just drove.

This is what Rachel recorded in her journal:

"We are on our way to Alaska and the car drive is CRAZY long already and we have only been in the car for about 3.5 hours and we just had our first bathroom break at Stinker Stores in Blackfoot, ID."

"For dinner we ate Arby's with Grandpa Ron at a park near his house in Idaho Falls."

She also started this page in her journal:

In most cases, the numbers after the movies indicate the episode of show or version of movie, but please note that the kids have watched Nacho Libre three times, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory four times, and Napoleon Dynamite five times. 

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