Alaska Road Trip: Day 10

Steve drove most of the night and woke me up sometime during the early morning hours to take over. The wildlife sightings continued; we saw dozens of moose along the side of the road. And then we arrived in Homer. 

Homer seems to be right up there at the top of everyone's list of favorite towns in Alaska. And for good reason; it's not showy, it's not too touristy, it's just real. The town is distinguished by the Homer Spit, a narrow 4.5-mile gravel bar that extends out into Kachemak Bay. It is the longest road into ocean waters in the entire world. 

There are lots of great options for RV and tent camping in Homer. We had to choose between a grassy site with trees at the Hornaday Campground, immediately adjacent to the newly constructed park, another site with beautiful views at the Driftwood Inn (this is where I would stay if we were going back without a trailer or tent), and then the classic camping spot in Homer, right on the spit. The city operates a campground on the spit, but we needed showers, laundry, and preferred to have hookups, so we set up camp at the Homer Spit Campground. We couldn't pass up on the opportunity to stay in such a unique location. 

After three days in Homer, I absolutely fell in love with the place. But the first day didn't go so well. . .

We still smelled of campfire smoke, so the first order of business was to take showers. Of course, it was cold and windy, so getting the kids showered and clean was. . . cold. 

Steve said he wasn't feeling well; within an hour he was pretty much out of commission, knocked down by a sinus infection. 

The kids explored the rugged beach and came back with all sorts of treasures. 

But we spent most of the morning with this view from the inside of our trailer: 

While Steve rested,

I played games with the kids: (We were playing Cranium Brain Breaks, and Rachel was trying to write her name with her toes.)

I received a text from the lady who had verbally agreed to buy our trailer. . . saying that she would not be completing the purchase. Grrrr. So I started calling people back to say it was still available. 

We went to Don Jose's for lunch with another Groupon. I'm pretty sure we got snookered again. Adam was the only one who actually ate his food. (He ordered the chicken nuggets, and they looked repulsive.)

No food pictures, just one of the menu. (Can you find the mistake?):

After lunch, we went to Safeway, where they made me fill out the Club Card application to get the sale prices on my groceries. Things like that drive me crazy.

When we got back to our campsite, I decided to be a good wife and let Steve take another nap. Kaleigh wasn't feeling well either, so I sat in the front seat of our car and held her while she slept.

After thirty or forty minutes, I remembered the groceries in the back of the car and asked Rachel to help unload them. Rachel is always so willing to help. Except that she dropped a gallon of milk that slit open and leaked all over everything in the back of the Pilot: shoes, blankets, and worst of all, Steve's work papers. She felt so bad that instead of telling me about the mess, she tried to clean it up by herself. It took me about two minutes of watching Rachel walk back and forth with baby wipes before I figured out what had happened. (And by then, the papers were completely saturated.)

We had mostly cleaned up the milk mayhem when Adam spilled applesauce all over the trailer floor. I never knew applesauce could cause such a sticky mess! It took a good twenty minutes to clean up, and the floor was only about fifteen square feet. That trailer was not large enough for six people, and I was starting to lose my mind. I told Steve if we didn't sell the trailer soon, I was probably going to start using profanity. (Just a few days earlier, I had told Steve that I would be just fine to live in a trailer again.)

We regained our sanity in time for dinner, Adam fell asleep early, and Steve started feeling a bit better.

And then, just to make up for the rough day, we saw whales from our campsite!

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I am loving your Alaska posts! Makes me want to take a road trip up there!