Alaska Road Trip: Day 6

We drove across the border back into the United States during the early hours of the morning and got through without any big problems. They asked to see the registration for our Pilot, and we realized that we left it on our kitchen counter. But the border patrol guy just rolled his eyes at us and let us go through.

This part of the drive was tricky with the fuel situation. Steve knew that to get to the next town with a gas station (even with the use of our gas can) that he was going to have to optimize our gas mileage. He also needed to waste some time until gas stations would open for the day, so he drove forty miles per hour and logged a record-high twelve miles per gallon.

This is what the wildlife count looked like at that point: 

The last three hours of the drive went so slowly. We knew we were close, and everyone was ready to get out of the car. It was at this point that Steve said, "Now I know what Wayne (our new neighbor from Alaska) meant." He had warned me that even though towns look close to each other on the map, Alaska is so big that they are actually hours and hours apart. 

We pulled into Jake and Amy's driveway to their beautiful home and breathed a sigh of relief. We made it! I posted on Facebook that we arrived in Anchorage after traveling 3160 miles in five days. But I guess I was counting from Day 1, instead of counting Day 1, so maybe it was technically six days?

I think it took all of two minutes for me and Steve to become acutely aware of how loud our kids are. They were bouncing off the walls. Amy attributed it to the long drive, but within a few days she probably realized that's just the way they are. (And compared to Jessica and Ben, most kids are loud and misbehaved.) 

We quickly showered, enjoyed some of Amy's amazing homemade pizza (cooked in their fireplace!) and hurried over to Matt and Erica's house for Ellie's birthday party. 

Take a look at the awesome cake that Matt made for her: 

I left supervising the kids to Steve and spent most of my evening in the kitchen where I devoured the most delicious honeydew ever. Have you ever had it with lemon juice on top? Incredible. (They said it's even better with lime juice.) I also partook of some grape Kool-Aid, Ellie's special request for her birthday. I love five-year olds. 

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