Alaska Road Trip: Day 24

We woke up to sunshine. It was kind of crazy.  

I don't know if it was the warmer temperatures or that it was the last full day on the boat, but there was a collective feeling of excitement. Especially amongst these four kids: 

Adam eagerly did his ten pushups to earn a dollar. I'm not sure when we started with this whole pushups thing, but somewhere along the way, we paired it with eating food. As in, if he ate all of his breakfast, then he could do ten pushups to earn a dollar. His form is getting pretty good:

Adam takes his pushups very seriously. Which makes me (and everyone else who watches him) smile. 

He always ran straight to the vending machine and bought a KitKat bar. He gave one stick to each of the three girls and then ate the last one himself. So for one dollar, we got Adam to eat his food, do ten pushups, and share with his sisters. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.  

We spent a few hours playing with Bendaroos or Wikki Stix.

 And then we held a little contest. Adam (Steve) entered a whale:

Lucy made a whole slew of fake boondoggle keychains out of Wikki Stix. She walked around to a few people on the solarium. "And here we have some boondoggle keychains. A must-have for this season's fashion." But I had to stop her because nobody knew that she was impersonating Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. They just thought she was strange.

Kaleigh told us she was making "Pedro": 

All of the other entries were made by Rachel:

The red-headed girl came over and wanted to enter our contest, but that was a little difficult since Adam had been predetermined as the winner. (There were a couple people on the ferry who thought that since I was having fun with my kids that I wanted extras. But they were wrong.)

I felt completely comfortable around the majority of the passengers on the boat, but there was a small handful of creepy people. Like the tall guy (taller than Steve) who wore sunglasses and walked with a cane. As people passed him in the hall, he shifted sideways up against the wall to prevent anybody from ever going behind him, outside of his line of vision. It was odd; he must have been suffering from some form of PTSD.

This guy, who was one of two Watchmen on the boat, was definitely my favorite. He won me over with his sweet bell bottoms. I can't remember if he told me his name, but he told me all sorts of other things. Like how he has a second home in the Philippines, which is where his wife is from. His wife actually works on the same boat, but they work different weeks. And that's why they are still married.

The device he is holding up for me is an extremely heavy tool used to "clock in" at each of these Watchman's Stations located in different areas throughout the boat. I was surprised they hadn't upgraded to something with more sophisticated technology, but I guess their system works.

The girls played pick up sticks:

Kaleigh played on the iPad:

And Adam took a little nap: 

Sometimes we left the solarium, just to make sure the people around us didn't get sick of our kids. Here we are in the cafeteria, watching a movie on Steve's computer: 

This is what I wanted to be doing:

We walked all around the boat and checked out the view from the lower deck: 

The lone tent:

By this point, we were mostly out of food and purchased some of our meals from the cafeteria. Which meant we paid some outrageous prices. I coughed up three dollars for two slices of bread. The cashier was apologetic about the price, but Adam wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And three dollars for bread was less than the seven dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich.

I'm trying to think of some of the other ridiculous prices we paid. I think I tried to block them from my memory. I do recall that I did not pay four dollars for a glass of milk.

We played more pick up sticks: 

And soaked in the view:

A little while later, there was some commotion on the boat, and everyone quickly gathered on the deck. There were dozens and dozens of dolphins swimming parallel to our boat. It was incredible. They jumped in and out of the water, just begging to be photographed. I should have asked the college-aged guy with the huge camera to email me his pictures. I'm sure they are better than these. 

We really tried to relish the beautiful scenery: 

I finally took the kids to the gift shop to let them pick out their souvenirs. Adam chose a stuffed bear (big surprise). Lucy had been eyeing this toy replica of our boat for days. Kaleigh got a cool alphabet book about Alaska. And after examining every single item in the entire shop at least twice, Rachel finally settled on a patch (another shocker).

I think the main reason Lucy wanted the toy boat was to have me take a picture of it against the ocean water in hopes that it would look real. This is the best I got:

Rachel took this shot of me and Steve:

And then we asked one of the college boys to take a picture of our family. Unfortunately, the non-photographer was the fastest to respond. 

Rachel also took forty-three pictures of the pink clouds in the sky: 

We were completely relaxed. The kids were cheerful and mostly civilized. And the views were spectacular. 

8:30 pm:

9:30 pm:

. . . One of the most pleasant days of my entire life. 


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