Bear Lake Round 2

We went to Bear Lake yesterday to visit the Ray Malouf clan.

My Uncle Ray tricked Rachel and Lucy into going tubing:

Slade and Carissa did some sailing:

These three kids played together for hours and hours:

Tanner caught two frogs:

The water rocket was a big attraction: 

They figured out how to launch the bottles with surprising accuracy:

Someone braver than me brought their iPad on the beach:

Lucy couldn't wait for Cody to wake up from his nap:

This picture makes me laugh:

Slade made Kaleigh laugh:

And Isaac did some lounging:

After I took this picture, he looked up at me and nonchalantly asked, "Is this going to be in the newspaper?" That boy makes the paper in Arizona on a regular basis for winning ski and bike races. But not for floating on a raft.

The girls also went canoeing and even got out on the wave runner. Adam was perfectly content playing in the sand all day, and Kaleigh was delighted with unlimited access to treats.

We like crashing the Hill Family Reunion. And what?!? Was the last time really three years ago?!?

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