First Day of School

It's a miracle I got any decent pictures at all. The kids woke up at six o'clock in the morning and it might as well have been Christmas morning. They were so very hyper. Especially Adam. 

You should have seen the dissertation I wrote to his teacher in response to the question: Is there anything else I should know about your child? 

I am so worried about sending my boy to school. 

But he has been counting down the days till school starts all summer long. He beams when he puts on his school clothes. And he thinks I am absolutely torturing him by not letting him stay for lunch.

He had a moment of nervousness right before they left for school, but Steve said he marched right into his classroom and knew just what to do and where to sit. When I picked him up, he was near tears which meant no picture with his friend, Madey. He told me he needed to tell me a secret, and that  nobody else could hear it. 

He had packed his three favorite stuffed animals from Alaska in the brown bag to show what he did this summer (Batman the bald eagle, Lucky the sled dog, and a bear named the Hulk). But not everybody got a chance to share their bags, so he was supposed to leave his items in his bag at school. Batman, Lucky, and the Hulk are important for going to bed at night, so he snuck them back home in his backpack. He cheered right up as soon as he saw that I wasn't upset and that I wasn't going to make him take them back to his classroom. I will have to send some less important items back to school with him to share tomorrow. 

(Last week was busy. . . haircut coming soon.)

Lucy came home from school talking a mile a minute and telling me how her third-grade teacher just loves her. 

Rachel quickly assured me that it's because she was her teacher last year.

Wow, Rachel is in fourth grade. "I don't understand why I need to have you read these rules. It's my responsibility to do my homework, not yours."

Three kids off to school. And we finally got a second car, so Steve drives off with them every morning. 

It's kind of quiet around here. 

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Mommy Named Meg said...

Adorable kids! I can't believe how fast they grow. They are seriously cute! BTW your Alaska trip looked fun. Sorry I'm just now getting back to speed with all my friends' blogs. I was MIA for a while with my crazy Summer.