Last Sunday: Sonora Grill Party at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch

On Sunday, we went to Broadmouth Canyon Ranch for the Sonora Grill Summer Party. I wasn't given very good instructions and immediately started wondering if anyone else would be able to be able to find it. 

(Heidi, this is where Steve took Holden last week.) 

And yes, I posted most of these pictures on Facebook, but I want them here too.  

When Steve told me we were going to see some elk, I didn't realize he meant this many. 

The families were invited to come early for some kids' games. While they were prepping for the games, I figured I should take a picture of all of the kids. I told them to sit down for a picture and got this shot in thirty seconds flat. Not bad. 

I hope I'm not in trouble for posting this picture, but I just can't resist.

Cute little five-year olds. 

Chloe asked John Boy if he had a pocketknife. Nope. But Leslie did. 

(And since we lost it, I guess I know what to get Ethan for his birthday.)

The kids had fun with the balloon game: 

 But red rover didn't go so well. I should have seen it coming. . .

Actually, I did. 


Simon Says yielded no injuries. 

We moved to the grassy area behind the lodge to play with water balloons. But we needed some structure because Codi Jordan had his fancy music equipment set up back there.

So I asked two boys to be human targets. The kids all lined up and took turns throwing water balloons at them. Very entertaining.

By then, most of the employees had arrived: 

Dalton was almost finished cooking the pig: 

And Rachel took thirty-nine pictures of Kaleigh with my camera: 

Andrea Hanks came to take pictures, and I think she got a few thousand shots to cover everything I missed. 

Steve recognized the five employees who were in their fifth year at Sonora Grill (Everardo, Pamela, Fernando, Andy, and Alex): 

The employees were split into groups for Restaurant Olympics.

And then it got dark. And Codi Jordan started to play his guitar. And we made s'mores. And we lost Adam. And I started to panic. And then we found him. 

The End


Debra said...

You should write a children's book titled Adam got lost...again! Or invent some sort of tracking device. Silly boy:)

Courtney said...

Your summer has been jammed packed! I can't believe you aren't completely exhausted/done after your AK trip! And is Kacie having twins?! I saw the reference on your last post.