Once Upon a Time: Layla's Pool Party

I told someone I was really good at sharing pictures with people in a timely manner. But then I realized I never posted these photos from Layla's birthday party from the end of June. 

I didn't feel like swimming and Leslie forgot her camera, so I took lots of pictures. 

The birthday girl: 

Everyone had lots of fun on the diving board.




Mike let the younger kids jump to him: 

The older kids jumped over him:


 These three kids were all eight. . . until Jake turned nine, yesterday:

Adam & Isaiah: 




Sometimes Adam has a hard time telling these two apart: 

More cool tricks from Mike:

And Lucy: 

By the end of the summer, Gracie's skin should be about the same color as Kaleigh's: 

Lots o fun:

Go Team Ballard:

I didn't get to grow up with my cousins. These are some lucky girls!

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HeidiAnn said...

How fun! It makes me sad that now my kids won't grow up with their cousins day-to-day but thankful for the years that they did. On the brightside- we didn't grow up with ANY cousins and look we stay in touch quite well!