Pineview Reservoir

My kids were heartbroken at the thought of switching locations for our annual Malouf Labor Day Weekend. So before school started, I texted a bunch of friends and planned a little day trip to Pineview Reservoir. The stars must have been aligned because almost all of them came.

Nine ladies, thirty kids, and my cousin, Matt.

We rented this inflatable "Jungle Joe" playground from Club Rec. It was fabulous. 

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I might have been having too much fun playing. 

We also rented a paddleboard. (You were right, Lindsey, I totally want to buy one.)

Some kids got buried in the sand: 

While others built forts out of sand: 

I thought the rain clouds were beautiful, but some of the kids were frightened by the lightening.

 We had to practically drag some of these boys away from the beach.

And then we got caught in a bit of a sandstorm. Good times at Pineview Reservoir. 

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Min said...

I know it doesn't quite work this way, but I totally see you in that picture of Kaleigh.