Today: Tennis, Beaver Braces, Bear Lake

I am so far behind on blogging that it is ridiculous. Day 22 of my Alaska posts was accidentally erased by one of the kids.

But this is what we did today.

Last day of tennis lessons:


Let's get a closer picture of those pretty teeth:

Because then it was straight to the orthodontist for Lucy's braces. She only got two. (Something about needing to separate the front two teeth before working on the others because of the angle of the roots.) She acted slightly bothered throughout the day when we teased her for having "beaver braces". But then she asked me if she could go to school dressed up like a beaver.

(The primary purpose of Rachel and Lucy's braces at this point has not been to straighten their teeth, but to make room for their incoming adult teeth. The straightening has just been a nice bonus.)

Then we drove to Bear Lake to play with Jake Ballard and family for his birthday.

Rachel loves to kayak:

And Lucy was a huge fan of the paddleboard:

So much for bringing my fancy camera. The water was a spectacular blue/green color, but my pictures just didn't capture it.

The birthday boy:

And the soon-to-be birthday girl: 

Kaleigh made a "poop cake":

(Her words, not mine.)

We lined all nine kids up for a group picture. I said one, two, three, cheese. And then my battery died. The light has been flashing for three days, but I can't find my charger.

P.S. Yes, Lindsey. I want to buy a paddleboard. 

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