Why I Love Ogden #154

Last month, we participated in the Ogden Pioneer Days Children's Parade. These four kids rode their bikes: 

And these three girls rode on the float with the Ogden City's Summer Recreation Program: 

I was just certain it was going to rain, so I dressed for Alaska weather. Instead, it was hot and muggy, which left me slightly miserable. We were told to be there by 8:30 am for a 9:00 am start time. But the parade didn't actually start until 9:30 am, so there was a lot of waiting involved.

I was looking forward to a nice leisurely walk with Adam, but of course he decided to be fast for once and kept pace with the truck. Which was driving way too fast for any of the adults, who were all on foot. So I had to run to make sure that Adam didn't smash his bike into the back of the truck. 

Did I mention it was hot? I should have brought my bike. Or my Segway:

Here is the group shot after the parade. Look how much older they look than our first children's parade two years ago.

Immediately after the parade concluded (and we had collected our free tickets to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo. . . yes, that is one of the reasons that we go), we hustled over to the Salomon Center.

As part of Fat Cats' Five Year Anniversary Bash, they were offering five dollar helicopter rides. I hadn't ever ridden in a helicopter before. And you can't beat five dollars. We called Steve, who gave us the update that there were only a handful of people in line. (Only a handful? Lucky for us, but, seriously, what is wrong with people?!?) We didn't want to miss out, so we ran the two blocks back to Sonora Grill, ditched our bikes, and hurried over to claim a spot in line.

We stood in line with about a dozen other people for 45 minutes before Fat Cats even opened. There were some funny things that took place in that line because nobody really knew exactly what the rules were and some people were very eager to secure a ticket. One woman passed around a piece of paper and made us all sign our names, to prove that we had been in line.

This photo makes it look like it was a pleasant wait, but it wasn't.

The kids raided the free newspaper bin and littered the sidewalk with their newspaper fans. And they went back and forth to Sonora Grill to get water and go to the bathroom approximately fifteen times.

But I've decided it's good to teach kids to wait for things. Especially when I have candy to keep me the little one from driving me crazy.

We bought our tickets and then waited another hour or so inside, with air conditioning. We let another group go in front of us so we could all ride together in the limousine. Yep, that's right. It wasn't just a helicopter ride, we also got to ride out to the airport in a limousine:

Gretchen was cautiously excited: 

Lucy was I-can't-believe-I'm-in-a-limo excited:

And then the kids started to get a little out of control:

They were sure to leave their fingerprints on every single glass and other fancy item in the limousine: 

Rachel goes, "These windows are tinted, right? So they couldn't even see if I was picking my nose. Look, world, I'm picking my nose, and you can't even see me!"

The limo ride was only a few miles long, which was good for our sanity. The driver dropped us off at Whirlybird Helicopters

And he was even kind enough to pose for a picture with the kids:

Adam was so excited. Because helicopters are so cool.

They are also very windy:

Group #1: Lucy, Angela, Gretchen:

Up, up, and away: 

I was in Group #2 with Adam and Jake. It didn't take long for Adam to realize he had a microphone: 

Jake sat up front with the pilot:

We circled around Ogden and then landed back at the airport. 

Gracie, Rachel, and Mike were in Group #3: 

It was so windy that they had to put on the doors:

We played charades while we were waiting for the limousine to come back: 

Gracie did some hula-hooping: 

Gretchen did some vacuuming:

 Nobody could figure out what Kaleigh and Adam were doing, but I guess they knew?

Or maybe not?

And then we had to go eat at the Best Mexican Restaurant in Utah. . . so we could tell Steve all about our day:

Bike parade + limousine ride + helicopter ride + lunch at Sonora Grill = 7 extremely happy kids

I love Ogden. 

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