A Week of Boys and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff

About a year after Adam's birth, we learned that our boy was innately different from our girls. A few weeks ago, Sam and Kacie went to Italy and I learned that boys, as in the plural form, are a whole different ballgame than the singular form. 

(I am also posting this week in review so Kacie can see that we did more than just play on the iPad.)

We went to Angie's house for a picnic lunch reunion with the Edwards Family. Finn immediately wanted to go on the other side of the fence to play with the dogs.  

I took away the rope so he wouldn't choke himself. . . but only after I took a few pictures. 

One of the fun activities at the reunion was Human Foosball. It provided some seriously good entertainment, and I think we were lucky that we didn't have any injuries. Rachel said, "If we played this game with the Critchlows, we would all go home with bloody noses!" She's probably right.

Instructions how to make/play Human Foosball can be found here

Despite how it appears, Finn's forlorn expression in this picture is not because he peed his pants, but because he spilled his Capri Sun drink all down his shorts. 

Which leads me right into my next story. . . That night, I went to get the kids set up for bed and discovered that Kaleigh's bedding was completely soaked with urine. It was very perplexing because Kaleigh doesn't have accidents. In fact, I don't think she's ever had an accident. Furthermore, Matt & Erica's girls had slept over the night before, and Kaleigh and Ellie were on the floor in sleeping bags, so nobody had even slept in her bed.

Since Finn was most recently potty-trained, he was the most likely culprit, but I was quite certain that Finn hadn't climbed up on the top bunk. Adam still has plenty of accidents, but he doesn't ever get on Kaleigh's bed with her pink and yellow flowered girl bedding. And whenever Adam has an accident, he immediately comes and tells me and takes a bath. The strangest part of the mystery was that I hadn't seen any wet clothes.

I changed the bedding (I even had to wash the pillow) and was frustrated to find that Kaleigh's bed was the only bed in the entire house without one of Sam's awesome waterproof mattress protectors, which meant I also had to clean the mattress.

I was completely confused. I began to question my sanity, asking myself what kind of a household am I running if someone can wet the bed without me even knowing about it??

Well, the next morning Rachel overheard Fred and Adam talking about what they had done. They climbed up on top of Kaleigh's bed, dropped their pants and peed all over her bedding (and pillow). Their plan was to fool me into thinking that Kaleigh had wet the bed, so I would put her back into Pull-Ups.

Rachel thinks its hilarious to hide around a dark corner and scare me late at night, Lucy loves to try and trick me with fake text messages and phone calls, and they both love to sneak outside and ring the doorbell at the most inopportune times, but this was my first experience that conspiring boys plotted against me. It should also be noted that when I got into the car, I realized that the kids had been watching Dennis the Menace on the DVD player. My mistake. . . ?

Church with the two extra boys went far better than expected. I credit that partly due to the fact that they had just been lectured for the whole peeing incident. And partly because I had recently instituted a new church system for Rachel and Lucy. They were eager to earn their reward by #1 sitting next to me, #2 singing all of the songs, #3 taking notes on the talks, and #4 not leaving during sacrament meeting to get a drink or go to the bathroom. Okay, so the reward is money, and Steve thinks it's questionable whether I should pay them to be good during church. But since he's up on the stand and unable to help with the kids during sacrament meeting, it's my call. So far, it has dramatically changed my Sundays and has been worth every penny. 

Right after church, it was out of Sunday clothes and into superhero clothes. Good thing I took a picture since this was one of the last times they jumped on our trampoline. (Sniff, sniff.)

Monday morning, we drove to Idaho to drop off Rachel and Lucy for a two-night stay with my mom. It looks like this is the only picture I took. It sure is beautiful up there and I discovered that backtracking up through Malad and driving home on 1-15 shaves off at least twenty minutes of driving time.

Once the big girls were gone, we had fun with all sorts of boy activities, which mostly comprised of getting dirty and playing with water. (Adam once told me that Kaleigh is really a boy disguised in a girl's body, so she is allowed to be counted as one of the boys.)

We went to Sonora Grill for fried ice cream, and I should have taken a video. Those four kids devoured it as if they hadn't eaten in a week. (Kacie, I promise that I did feed them.) Then we went over to the fountains in front of the Salomon Center. There were squeals of delight when I told them they could get wet.

We stayed for about an hour, and I caught a thanks-a-lot-now-my-kids-think-they-should-be-able-to-get-wet look from one of the mothers passing by. 

(Finn did have more than one outfit, he just happens to be wearing the same one again.)

I also put the boys to work, helping pick produce from the garden: 

On Tuesday, the piano tuner came back with the part he had made to fix our piano that I got a couple years ago for my 28th birthday

He was the piano-playing version of my Grandpa Malouf and even offered to let us read his autobiography so we could learn more about our piano tuner. (Seen pictured next to my grandpa's book for size comparison.)

I felt badly that I didn't have time to sit and visit with him; he really was fascinating. But it was no easy task to keep Kaleigh away from his case of tools: 

He moved slowly and took quite a few breaks, but he was certainly the most qualified piano tuner I could have ever found. And he brought our piano back to life, as seen in this video

After he left, we made a quick trip to Logan and then went to the Dinosaur Park ,where we dug for gold:

And played with all of the dinosaurs: 

Wednesday morning we just stayed home. Without Rachel and Lucy there to help, I was completely outnumbered. Feeding those kids, recharging iPads and iPods (okay. . . so we did spend a lot of time playing with electronics), helping Finn go to the bathroom, and cleaning up messes kept me on my toes! When my mom brought the girls home at 3:00 pm, I hadn't even brushed my teeth for the day. She stayed and watched Fred, Finn, and Kaleigh so I could finish up a project for PTA and take the kids to Back to School Night.  

Trust me, one boy at Back to School Night was all I could handle. Rachel tickled Adam until he peed his pants, so he was officially the first kid of the year to have an accident. 

That night, I took all six kids to the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. It was definitely the highlight of my week. Nobody had to leave to go to the bathroom during the entire movie, and Kaleigh only took one lap around the theater before she obediently came back and sat down. I loved watching the kids laugh hysterically. . . which made me laugh too. 

The next day, the neighbor kids came over. I was inside with seven kids while Adam and two of the neighbor boys broke our trampoline. One of the legs had fallen off, but they went ahead and jumped on it anyway until the frame was completely bent. It was a happy day for the trampoline-loather (Steve) and a sad day for the rest of us. (At this point, our backyard lawn was only half-dead. Steve tilled the whole thing up this morning, and we are trying to decide between seeding or buying sod.)

We said our good-byes to Fred and Finn; Kacie's parents came and picked them up for their weekend shift. And then we walked over to the Jefferson Creative Center to watch Eleanor's Secret. Have I ever mentioned that we live in a cool neighborhood?

We had an abrupt change from our week with boys when Rachel and Lucy had their very first paid babysitting job. My cousin, Natalie, drove down from Idaho to attend President Monson's birthday celebration. Rachel and Lucy watched her two girls while she and her husband took their four boys to the Conference Center. We pulled out the dolls and ponies.

On our way to water the school garden, we saw this inflatable slide across from Sonora Grill and decided to stop. We patiently waited on the curb while the guy slowly set it up. There were two other kids whose parents weren't so patient, so they let their kids climb up and go down the slide while the guy went to go find a chair. Suddenly, the fathers were yelling at their young boys to get down. The air was deflating and the slide was collapsing on them. And then one of the dad saw that Kaleigh, who was sitting right next to me on the curb, had unplugged the electrical cord. Whoops.

We got kid's meals from Wendy's and had a picnic on the school lawn. Annie declared it the best picnic ever. I really should have taken more pictures of those little girls because they are adorable. But I did get a couple shots of our crazy garden, which we planted last year with a grant from SelectHealth


The next morning we woke up bright and early to attend my cousin's wedding inside of this beautiful building:

When I walked out of the temple, Ronson McKee walked up to me. It was kind of crazy; I hadn't seen him since before he went on his mission.

Adam climbed the trees:

(Rachel took all of these pictures at the temple, I didn't just sit and take pictures of Adam disregarding the roped off areas.)

He repeatedly jumped off the cement ledges:

And played in the fountain: 

Hey look, at least he stopped to roll up his sleeves: 

Rachel even caught a shot with Ronson and the other McKee boys. Yes, that's Ronson in the blue shirt with the long locks. And see that cute little girl in the yellow dress? That's Ronson's niece. She just moved into our ward and is friends with Rachel. Such a small world. 

Rachel had a whole lot of fun playing photographer. This is a really great picture, except for the plant:

Lucy was just as giddy as could be. She loves those Milligan girls.

She finally got this one centered: 

And this one, which is clearly the best:

After the luncheon, the girls said goodbye to cute little Annie:

And I had to get a shot of the girls in their cute new dresses:

Five minutes into our drive home, everyone was fast asleep:

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