Jiggity June

Here is what I captured from June.

We celebrated Father's Day

The girls did a lot of interrupting: 

They eventually got creative: 


We made lots of kale chips:

Kaleigh grew into Lucy's Fourth of July shirt that Angie sewed three summers ago

Which prompted the purchase of this adorable pair of sandals: 

We went swimming at North Shore and were the very last ones in the pool:

We ate lots of watermelon:

Lots of watermelon:

(Please note that the above watermelon-eating likely occurred on a Sunday or a Monday. This deduction is based on the length of Lucy and Adam's nails.)

Rachel and Lucy's awesome piano teacher had a cake made to commemorate Lucy's outdoor baptism:

There was lots of costume-wearing:

And we celebrated Damian Lillard day. Because it's not every day that your college team produces a 6th pick NBA player. Especially one as humble and nice as Damian is. 


i'm h.mac said...

you are a good mom. your house is always bustling over with life. thanks for including mine in that part of your life. this picture is my screen saver on my phone. sorry about the jasmine bit. i hope you can get things solidified so that you can live with some ease, you deserve it!

Min said...

Are those kale chips any good?

emily ballard said...

Yes, kale chips are strangely good. My kids pretend not to like them, but then every time they walk past them on the counter, they eat some.

Here's a new recipe with sesame seeds that I haven't tried yet: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/soy-sesame-kale-chips-50400000121018/