Labor Day Hike at Snowbasin

Since we didn't go to Snowbasin with the Malouf Family like we did last year, I talked the Ballard Family into going up with us on Labor Day. 

We took ten Ballard kids and a bonus friend. An older man who watched me take this picture asked if all of these kids were mine. . . 

Nope. Maybe I was so good at bossing them around, telling them where to sit and when to smile, that he figured I must have been their mother. 

Labor Day was the deadline to buy season passes at the discounted price. Rachel and Lucy have been working hard to earn $100 to pay for half of their passes. They did lots of extra jobs around the house, helped with the yard work, and went to Sonora Grill to fold napkins. They also took care of the neighbor's cat for a week and babysat my cousin's cute girls for an evening. Rachel has saved up money to pay for half of bikes and skis in the past, but those earnings have usually been heavily supplemented by birthday money, etc. This was a really good lesson on goal-setting because it was the first time she has ever worked to earn $100. They sure are proud of their passes. 

If you haven't been up to Snowbasin in the summer, you should add it to your list of things to do. The views from the gondola are spectacular: 

These boys spent most of the ride discussing where you could jump and land without dying. I was glad that we were riding in an enclosed gondola. 

These girls pointed out which runs they had skied and were giddy with excitement for the upcoming ski season. 

 And Ethan did his best to scare the little boys into thinking we were going to get stuck. 

Kaleigh was just thrilled with her pass and spent most of the day smiling at her picture. (Kids six and under can get season passes for just ten bucks.)

The kids happily posed for this group picture at Needles Lodge:

But there was a little bit of grumbling about too many pictures when we took this one:

The boys took off running ahead of us:

But I caught up to these girls for another picture:

It wasn't nearly as green as it was when we went last year at this time, and we didn't see any wildflowers.

The kids asked if we could go up to the top, and I told them no, we were only doing the short loop. But then a man overheard us and said it was only ten minutes to the top.

Not if you're carrying a thirty-five pound girl. And wearing Toms.

But we all made it. 

See that lady just right of the center of this picture in a pink shirt? I looked over and saw Adam perched on top of the rock right next to her. Thankfully, she grabbed him for me.

Ethan, King of the Mountain:

If I would have known these jumping shots were going to turn out so cool, I would have taken more of them: 

The trail was steep and we were lucky that none of the kids fell on the way down. 

If Gracie hadn't have been holding onto Adam, he would have fallen at least five times.

Kaleigh was willing to walk the last thirty yards, once she was bribed with a lollipop:

And then we rode back down the gondola: 

I sat in the grass and watched Rachel scale the side of the rock wall while some of the others went to find a restroom. I think she probably could have made it to the top, but the lady from the gift shop came out to tell her to get down. Which made me glad I hadn't gone and tried to climb it myself. Because I kind of wanted to.

Snowcones on the way home and a farewell to summer.


Kayli said...

So I saw these pictures on Facebook and almost didn't look through them because I thought I'd wait till you blogged them, but then I didn't have that kind of self-control.

And I need to say that you really aren't allowed to look that cute hiking. I'm serious- it makes me feel bad when I'm all sweaty and frumpy and in hiking/scroungy -type clothes when I hike. Although it does make for cute pictures.

emily ballard said...

Ha! You are funny. We aren't dressed in hiking clothes because we don't take our kids on REAL hikes like you!

Gloria said...

Such a fun activity!

Rachael said...

I wish we lived close to you guys, I think our kids would be great friends!