Outstanding in the Field: Sandhill Farms

We had such a good time at last year's Outstanding in the Field dinner in Jackson, that we bought tickets to the dinner at Sandhill Farms in Eden.

The setting at the sold-out dinner was beautiful:

And the menu, prepared by guest chefs Ryan Burnham from Pago and Phelix Gardner from Finca, was mouth-watering: 

If only it wouldn't have been so blazing hot. . . 

We enjoyed appetizers while we listened to Outstanding in the Field founder, Jim Denevan and chief coordinator, Leah Scafe:

Farmer Pete took us on a short tour of his garden:

And showed us his garlic:

Ryon, Danie, and Dalton tried to pretend they weren't melting in the heat:

And then it was finally time for dinner. 

Sandhill Farms Market Salad: Pete's greens, heirloom beets, olive brined cherries, watermelon.

Steve, Ryon, and Dalton after the first course:

Holly and Danie:

Steve insisted that I needed to be in a picture too:

Sweet Corn & Roasted Garlic Ravioli: Pete's porcelain garlic, Gold Creek feta, Sandhill cherry tomatoes, fava leaves. (This course was spectacular.)

Dinner was even more enjoyable once the sun set:

The main entree course was lick-your-plate good:

Sandhill Chimichurri: Pete's heirloom garlic, local lamb, pork, beef, roasted carrots, saffron. 

Those carrots covered in saffron butter were so delicious!

Dinner was just a little on the long side (probably catering to the wine drinkers. . . no non-alcoholic drinks were offered to us), and the food seemed a little more sparse. Although, it's quite possible that the food was just so much better than last year that we were all being more greedy.

It was getting dark outside, so the servers brought out lighted mason jars before the dessert course. Our dinner concluded with Sandhill Farms Strawberry Shortbread, pastry cream, and lavender honey.

Looking forward to attending more Outstanding in the Field dinners in the future. . .

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Angela said...

I need your blog to be public, I never remember to check it. I think it will take me all night to catch up.Danie was in our ward in San Diego. Small world.