Peach Day

We went and picked peaches in Brigham City last week:

Have I ever mentioned that I love this time of year?

Since my kids weren't there, I took pictures of my uncles. 

As much as Rachel loves picking peaches, she couldn't bare to miss another day of school. (I'm serious. . . there were almost tears the last time I checked her out of school.)

The peaches were still a little green, but that didn't stop Paul:


Did you know that peaches originated from China?  

Lucky me. 

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Kayli said...

Mmmmmmm!!! I used to live in Willard for a little while and we HAD our OWN peach orchard. We'd pick one our way to school and get all sticky from all the juice running down our faces when we ate it. Those peaches are the best. Luckily, my mom still has friends with orchards where they pick for her. Unluckily, I'm not there to partake in the goodness. I think I'll go eat some fudge now. ;)