Sometimes you want to go to Tona, but your husband won't go with you. So you bribe your girls to clean the basement that got out of control when you didn't go down there for two weeks. And then you call your friend, and invite her to come with her daughter. So the five of you go to lunch.

Sometimes they talk you into going to the Union Station to wait for No. 844, the last steam locomotive built for the Union Pacific Railroad. (The link takes you to an article/picture by the Standard Examiner; you can spot Lucy in her purple shorts.) And you run into Derrick's friend, Legend, who has worked for the railroad for seventeen years:

And that reminds you of another time you got talked into doing something . . . when you stayed up until 4:30 am editing/rewriting a sixteen-page Process Manual for the Union Pacific Railroad. (If anyone ever needs a copy of that, I can hook you up. And don't worry, Legend gave me a Union Pacific beanie. . . so we're totally even.)

Sometimes you have a really fun time people-watching. And eavesdropping. This conversation was the best. There are some people who take trains very seriously.

Sometimes trains are extremely slow and the kids get tired of waiting:

So they steal your phone and take a bunch of pictures like this: 

Sometimes the train finally comes, but it is so loud that you don't want to get very close to it:

And Rachel gets really disgusted and says, "Are you telling me that people actually used those trains? Like for transportation?!?"

So then you drive over to the Amphitheater Park where all sorts of things for the XTERRA Games are taking place. And while you are registering your kids for the XTERRA Kids Sprint, they turn part of the obstacle course into a launch pad: 

Sometimes the race starts and you sit there taking pictures of all of the kids, waiting for Kaleigh to speed by:

But you have to wait for a very long time because she is at the very end:

Sometimes you are really glad that you got talked into going to see the train. Because if you didn't go see the train, then you wouldn't have gone to the XTERRA race, which was really cool. 

Sometimes you wish other people would realize how awesome Ogden is. This is the (very small) group of kids who participated in the free race:

Sometimes Rachel gets crazy excited about medals: 

And sometimes this girl gets crazy excited about sugar.

 Nevermind. That actually happens all of the time.

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