The Most Pleasant Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo Yet

Last year (and the year before), I decided that I would enjoy the rodeo more without so many kids. We hired Chloe to come over and babysit Kaleigh and Lucas. And then Adam decided he would rather stay and play. Since I wasn't feeling very well, leaving both little kids home was just fine with me. 

We met up with cousins, who kindly saved us seats: 

Look. . . they actually sat down and watched the rodeo:

I didn't have to get up and take anyone to the bathroom. I didn't have to wipe sticky cotton candy off anyone's face. Rachel brought her own money and paid for her own dinner, which meant that I didn't even have to go wait in line to buy a snow cone for anyone.

I called Steve and told him I was bored out of my mind and that he should come and join me.

So he did.

Lucy, Layla, and Jake went and snagged front row seats towards the end of the rodeo. And once they started dancing, we were kind of relieved that they weren't by us.

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