Thursday: Welcome Back to Real Life

Woke up at 6:30.
Rachel and Lucy to school by 8:00. 
Then straight to the Ogden-Hinckley Airport to celebrate the first commercial flight: 

(I actually landed at the Ogden airport on a commercial flight out of Cancun some twelve years ago. It was a bit of an emergency landing in the middle of a winter snowstorm. We hit hard and everyone screamed.)

I didn't realize Steve was speaking until I got to the airport and saw that he was wearing a suit. As soon as they announced Steve's name, Kaleigh loudly repeated, "Steve Ballard?"

Kaleigh started out ornery, but all she needed was some candy and then she cheered right up. She bounced around talking to everyone, asking if they had babies, if they were grandpas, if she could go to their houses, etc. We had a fun time, partly because we won some cool prizes (Just Dance 2 and a Napoleon Dynamite sticker book) and partly because there was confetti. 

We left when Channel 4 and Fox 13 News were interviewing Steve. Because I figured they didn't want Kaleigh running up to him while the cameras were rolling. If you watch the news clip, you will see that Steve is an "Ogden Businessman". I don't know why that struck me as funny, but it did. 

To the hospital for my 9:45 post-op appointment with Dr. Moesinger. I had to sit in the exam room for almost an hour, but sometimes you have to wait for good doctors. The surgical report was good, and I shouldn't have any more problems with adhesions. Which is fantastic. Because I don't need any more scars on my stomach. 

I mistakingly thought that after having so many surgeries, I would be better at it. But it turns out that surgery is hard, regardless of how experienced you are. It was a solid week before I felt like I wanted to get up out of bed. And then this last week has been the transition back to real life. (Which is actually far more exhausting that sitting in bed all day.) But I am thrilled to be feeling better. 

Dr. Moesinger shook my hand and told me to let him know if there was anything else I needed. So I told him I could really use a handicap parking pass. He had already commented that I had my hands full with Kaleigh, and since I still can't lift her for a little while longer, he said he'd be happy to sign off on that. Not quite as exciting as supplemental insurance, but still a pretty awesome consolation prize for having surgery. We drove straight to the DMV to pick up the form, and then it was off to Sonora Grill to grab a quick lunch and take a few pictures of the newly-opened Walk Up & Take Out window:


Speedy service from the take out window is just what I needed. Because then I hurried to pick up Rachel and Lucy from school at 12:45 and drove back home to change Kaleigh into her green dress for "green day" at preschool. I honked five times for Rachel and Lucy to get in the car so we could get Kaleigh to preschool by 1:15. 

Back over to the elementary school at 1:30 for parent-teacher conferences. For the first time ever, I was really nervous about meeting with the teachers. . . specifically, Adam's. 

Adam had an incident on the fourth day of school that landed him in the principal's office. (He didn't want to go inside from the playground, and the vice principal ended up having to carry him inside. He was upset about not being able to play and refused to go to class, so he spent some time in her office.) 

His kindergarten teacher said that Adam is learning the rules and is very nice to the other kids in class. And then I was very relieved when she said that Adam was not the worst behaved child in class. "I don't know why you would even ask that!" she said. Well, it turns out he is the worst behaved child at home. And at Grandma's house. And at Primary. And half the other places we go. But with twenty-one days of kindergarten under his belt, he does seem to be improving.  

Adam is a bright kid, but he's never been interested in coloring or writing of any kind, so he has a lot of work to do when it comes to handwriting. He has a lot of work to do in other areas as well. . . but he's the third child. . . aren't they supposed to learn how to do everything by themselves?

Anyhow, his teacher told me that he has an unusually good sense of humor. And that he is really fun to have in class. I'm sure it helps that he is cute. 

I really like Lucy's teacher. She was the perfect teacher for Rachel last year. . . she is probably the perfect teacher for every child. She told me that she is encouraging Lucy to write down her thoughts since she doesn't have time to listen to all of them. What a fabulous idea. She told me that Lucy has a story to tell about everything. . . which was no surprise to me. Here is one of the papers that Lucy wrote for "free write". 

Rachel's teacher started by showing me that she aced the End of Level test in Language Arts last spring: 

Since Rachel excels in Language Arts, her teacher asked if she wanted more homework. Rachel and I both voted no to that option. And then we talked about Math. . . She got a super low score on her Math pre-test, so we identified some areas that need improvement (multiplication 7-12, fractions, measurement systems). I think this is the first time that Rachel has ever really struggled with something at school. Rachel was a good sport about the whole thing, so I gave in and bought her this book that she wanted from the book fair. She has had a hard time putting it down. 

Back to the hospital to get the handicap pass signed by Dr. Moesinger, called Steve to go pick up Kaleigh from preschool, back to the DMV, and then we waited in line for this cool thing:

We had a 3:30 appointment at Fat Cats to meet up with Steve and his sister, Karen, who is visiting from Iowa. I wish I had taken a video of Kaleigh playing this arcade game. She was yelling "Take that! Take that, shark. Take that!"

I stayed with Kaleigh and Lilly in the Kid Zone while the others played a round of miniature golf and rode the bumper cars. I was watching the clock closely. Jimmy's Flower Shop closes at 5:30,  and after five years, they finally posted Lucy's name. This was discovered earlier in the day on one of my five hundred trips across town. I fully anticipated a lot of excited screaming, but as we drove by the sign, Lucy was speechless. 

She did want to know if I had asked them to post her name. And then she wanted to know if we were going to stop. (Yes. . . of course!)

We joined up with Karen and Steve's parents for dinner at Kneader's. As we were walking to our cars in the parking lot, Karen asked me to take a picture of Rachel, Lucy, and Lily. But there was a construction site on one side of us and the bright sun coming from the other direction. So we took a little walk over to the Ogden River and ended up at the interactive Water Cycle sculpture:

And then we ended up at the Ogden River High Adventure Park. My kids love that park. Phase 2 of the project will include zip lines. 

We said goodbye to Karen and Lilly: 

And Lucy decided she wanted to take her rose to her piano teacher, so we stopped by her house on our way home. 

Steve hauled the recliner into the middle of the kitchen and told me to sit down and boss everyone around. Rachel and Lucy picked up the disaster in the family room. Steve washed a load of laundry and cleaned off the kitchen counter. 

And then, together, we canned a batch of Raspberry-Peach Jam

We watched Rachel and Lucy play a few rounds of Just Dance (their motivation to clean), and Steve quickly reorganized the overflowing food storage room. And then he left to go to Sonora Grill. 

I laid down to take a little nap until Steve came home and fell asleep, fully clothed, on top of my bed. And slept that way WHOLE night. I can't remember that ever happening before. . . that's how tired I was. 

And since I didn't respond to Steve's text asking if I was awake, he just stayed up and worked all night.  

I don't think I could have handled the day with Adam, so thanks to Grandma Jean for taking him to Idaho for a few days. 

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