Sometimes people ask me if Derrick and I have a normal mother-son relationship.

When Derrick was born, I was seven years old.
When Derrick's mother died, I was sixteen.
When we first met Derrick, I was nineteen.
When he came to the United States, I was twenty-two.
When Derrick became a father, I was twenty-six.

None of that falls within the parameters of normal. And there have been plenty of very challenging aspects to our relationship. But I love Derrick. I am proud of him. And I am happy to have him as a son.

We are both better people because is part of our family.

He finally sent me some pictures of his job in Alaska.

And today is Derrick's twenty-third birthday.

Feel free to send him a text message (801-675-1616) and wish him a happy day!

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Kayli said...

Happy birthday to him! Hope the year is a really great one~