We Also Went to Vernal

The main reason we went to Vernal was to see this lady. And her two boys. 

This one cracked me up: 

I drove down with Debra and her two girls. Her parents were kind enough to host all of us. 

We spent the afternoon visiting with high school friends: Mindy, De'dy, and Tammy. There was an entire yard full of kids; I only took pictures of the ones who stayed close by us. Like cute little Lucy. 


Keira and Adam:

And Penn:

On our way home from the Chivers' house, we picked up pizza for dinner. The kids ate it in the Anderson's backyard:

Which Don boastingly informed us is the nicest backyard in town.

He even let me take a picture of him with his daughter:

The Andersons really do have a great backyard, just perfect for the kids. After the pizza was gone, they were right back into the water trough for some more swimming:

Until Adam peed in the water. . .

We got the kids bathed and in their pajamas. Then we dropped them all off at Debra's niece's house while we the ladies went out for a night on the town. 

Just kidding, we went to the Dart's house. 

And then we went back to the Anderson's for the late-night after party.

The kids were up bright and early the next morning. Don told my kids those cooks at Sonora Grill have nothing on him, and that he's the best cook around. He cooked up some bacon to prove it to them:

We experimented with some new hairstyles:

And then it was time for the highlight of Lucy's trip to Vernal, a tour of the butcher shop: 

She is oddly fascinated by dead cows. I think it's just to creep her sister out:

Rachel took pictures of all of Don's roses. And I think he's right. . . his yard is just as nice as Temple Square. 

We went and picked up some food for lunch, and then the kids had some more swim and tramp time: 

We packed up our things and headed out of town. . . but only after a stop for my favorite thing in Vernal. 

Everyone chose their own flavors: 

But mine was clearly is the best, Georgia Peach with Cream: 

A picture in front of the pink dinosaur, and then we were on the road:

We love our trips to Vernal!

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