We Went to Lagoon

This year, our annual Ballard Family Day at Lagoon took place on the 4th of July. The lines were so short that we often got off the rides and ran right back into line to ride again. 

(You may have already seen these pictures on Facebook, but I wanted to post them here as well, since we like to look back through old pictures on my blog.) 

We started out on the Tidal Wave:

And then the little kids rode some rides at Kiddieland:

Adam thought it was pretty cool to run into the Loosli twins. (Even cooler that their shirts are red, white, and blue!)

Kaleigh rode the Tidal Wave again with Ashton: 

I think I have just as much fun watching my kids ride the rides as I do actually riding them. That makes me sound like such a mom. . . .  

With thirteen kids, we didn't manage to get a group shot with them all looking at the camera:

Sam, Adam, and Isaiah were all five years old when this picture was taken:

Layla (8), Gretchen (6, at time of picture), Lucy (8):

Logan and Kaleigh were good sports, even though it was a hot day:

I opted to sit out and take pictures instead of ride on Rattlesnake Rapids:

Mostly because I didn't want to end up like these two girls:

There was virtually no line at Jet Star, so they rode it over and over again. While I took lots of pictures.

I think Adam officially graduated from most of the rides at Kiddieland this year, but he wasn't quite tall enough for the big rides. I tried to take him on the white roller coaster, but they claimed he was half an inch too short. We even tried changing him into taller shoes, but it still didn't work. He wasn't tall enough for Wicked or Colossus, but he was able to ride The Spider and Wild Mouse, which supposedly require the same exact height measurements. He really loved going on the "intermediate" rides with Oliver and Silas:

Adam's very favorite ride was The Bat. I think he rode it at least four times: 

These girls love the Tilt A Whirl:

But Lucy said her favorite ride of the year was Colossus. Rachel liked Rock-O-Plane. She talked Jack and Jake into riding it with her, but nobody would let her spin it around as much as she liked. 

I think the Tidal Wave is always the crowd-pleaser: 

These cute kids rode the swings a few times in a row:

But Kaleigh was too short, so she just played at the exit gate: 

Adam and Kaleigh were pretty good about waiting while the older kids rode the bigger rides. This picture of them sitting on the curb makes me laugh: 

THANK YOU to Gloria for another fun trip to Lagoon!

In fact, I think our day at Lagoon was absolutely perfect. . . except for the whole mishap with one last ride on Wicked and Steve's iphone . . . 

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