Halloween 2012

Rachel and Lucy dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 again this year because I love their costumes. Batman and Supergirl were part of our crew as well. 

Adam was so proud of his pumpkin. He wanted a picture taken by himself, so of course, I obliged. "This is going to be the best picture ever!"

Take a look at that blue sky. The weather was absolutely perfect.

We went to the Loosli's house for the 2nd Annual Neighborhood Halloween Parade and Dinner. There were a total of thirty kids and thirty adults. The games started at five and the parade started at five-thirty, with dinner afterward. I am noting that here because we had a hard time remembering what we did last year. 

We took these four kids from our ward with us:

The kids played some Duck, Duck, Goose: 

Bobbed for apples: 

And had lots of fun with their friends.

Oliver, Lucca, Adam:

Kaleigh & Taylor: 

Olivia, Eliza, Rachel: 

We paraded down the street two blocks and then back, stopping for candy along the way:

Paul and Celina passed out candy at our house:

I just decided that I want a picture of me and Steve standing in front of our house like this one:

I bought this mad scientist costume for Steve, but he informed me that he doesn't not dress up at work. So I was happy to let our neighbor, Ashton, borrow it. 

The kids posed for another group picture on the stairs: 

And then we went back to the Loosli's house for black bean soup:

Lucy just about died when she saw the Only in Ogden photographer, Bryan Smith, walk up. "He combined my two favorite things: PURPLE and BUGS!"

Do you suppose I can talk these two into being Thing 1 and Thing 2 again next year?

If I succeed, I will also try to get them to wear their wigs correctly.

We also went to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church, to a few houses around the neighborhood, and then to Sonora Grill. We dropped off the Jiminez kids and were back home by 8:00 pm, which must be a record. 

Rachel kept saying funny things. She told me they went to Sue's house (while I was in the car with a couple of cold kids). "Some of the lights were off, but we could see them inside having a party. All of the big names were there: Sue, Shalae. . . " 

Rachel also told me she was going to pass out candy at our door and act like an adult, "So what do we have here? A cute little pirate. And oh, my, you sure are a spooky-looking witch." But she actually just held out the bowl and said, "Take as many as you want." 


Facebook Posts

I posted these pictures on Facebook last week, but I want to document them here as well.

Lucy's homework:

For dinner, Rachel made herself this delicious creation: fresh mozzarella, garden tomato, turkey breast, and pesto:

And then she loudly declared, "Martha Stewart is reborn!"

Lucy asked, "Who is Martha Stewart?"

Rachel replied, "She's this rich lady who went to jail for having everything perfect." 

. . . . . . 

We tried to talk our Learning Circle group into going skinny dipping at Pineview. We thought it would make for a very memorable celebration of Janelle's 30th birthday. But it turns out, Janelle already did that for her 20th birthday. . . and lost her swimming suit in the ocean. So instead, we just went to Tona: 

And then the next morning, we woke up to our first real snow of the season. Lucy went to school wearing my snow boots. And they were only slightly too big for her. 


Spin Class

Last Wednesday, I went to my very first spin class at Gold's Gym. My friend, Sherry, was one of the teachers.

I looked online to find a good image to go with spinning and came across this wonderful monologue, complete with awesome sketches that illustrate my experience pretty well. I am going to cut and paste it directly on my blog because I want to omit a couple of parts :)

I have a friend who is a hard-core athlete. In her spare time she likes to teach fitness classes at a gym. She asked me to go to her spin class the other night. I said "sure," never having gone to a spin class, but thinking it would be a good workout. Like I said, she is hard-core and very competitive. I should have known that she would teach a class that would not be for sissies.
It started out easy enough: just sit on the bike and pedal. Excellent. Then the music started and suddenly it was all:
Hmm, well ok, I guess I can do that.
Then after about ten seconds I heard it again:
Well hold on now, I thought I just did ... say, is there a delayed echo in here?
But, we just...
Um, excuse me? Do what now?
At this point, we were about 2.16 minutes (I'm guesstimating) into an hour-long class, and my legs had turned to Jell-O.
I was alternating between turning beet-red...
...and nauseated-green.
And then I heard:
Um, no thanks.
I was afraid of what would come out of my mouth if I opened it at that moment. It would be either:
OPTION A: A string of obscenities that would make me sound possessed.
OPTION B: My lunch.
Or possibly both (there's a visual for ya). So I kept my mouth closed and focused on breathing and staying upright on the seat.
Now, for the more astute readers, you may be saying to yourself: "But Julie, you were in a spin class, ergo, you were on a stationary bike,
ergo, staying upright on the seat, a.k.a. *balancing*, should be a non-issue."
Well, you would be wrong. Or you just wouldn't know me very well.
You see, at well-choreographed points during the class, the teachers (did I mention there were two of them?) would ask us to sit back, take our hands off the handlebars, and...
Now, is it just me, or does everyone's badonk slink forward the second they sit upright on a bike, like yay?
So I was sliding down and hunching over like a turtle so I didn't lose saddle contact, and I was expected to put my arms behind my head.

I did manage to survive
the class *and* not slide off. And, when the teacher asked the class to praise ourselves for something we did well, I was able to come up with two things:
Number One: Not vomiting!
and, Numero Dos: Not Passing Out!
Cue applause.
Oh, and the studio was at the top of the stairs. Since my leg muscles were beyond muscle confusion (let's call it muscle *stupor*), I saw that "walking down the stairs" was not really an option.
Athletic stance to the rescue! With a bit of a slant.
P.S. I have mad respect for these spinners.
So, do any of you normal people out there go to spin class?

. . . . . . 

I mistakenly thought that Sherry's spin class would be a good way to ease myself back into going to the gym. Turns out there was nothing easy about it. Nausea wasn't my problem, but I was dead tired after ten minutes. And that part about walking down the stairs after the class. . . I seriously hobbled down those stairs.

Ask me in a few days, and I will tell you if it's easier the second time around. . . 


Game Time

Last Tuesday was our first Jr. Jazz basketball game of the season. Rachel and Lucy are on a team with two of their best friends, Eliza and Sophia, and their cousin, Layla.

They lucked out and got a good, quality coach. It's kind of strange that his name isn't Ryan. (All three of their coaches for kickball, t-ball, and basketball have been named Ryan.)

They had one practice on Friday night, and then it was game time.

Well, first we had to go buy Lucy some new shoes because her feet are growing crazy fast. She currently wears a size 7 in women's sizing.

Rachel was super nervous for the game. Maybe that means she will be a better basketball player than I was? I liked basketball, but I don't think I ever cared enough to be nervous.

At this point in the game, Rachel had scored all of the points. . . for both teams. 

Soon after, Lucy scored another two points for the opposing team. I was too embarrassed/too busy laughing to get out of the bleachers again and take a second picture of the scoreboard.

Lucy's reaction was a bit different than Rachel's. . . Lucy was just excited to have made a basket!

(They both asked me to bring something to mark which basket they are supposed to shoot at for the next game.)

Lucy has really improved since last year. She played about half the game and was thrilled that the other girls actually passed the ball to her.

Sophia, Eliza, and Rachel (still a little flustered for scoring for the wrong team):

I just wish I had taken a picture of Layla and her awesome black eye.  


Crazy Hair Day 2012

For Crazy Hair Day at school, Rachel decided she wanted "Kaleigh hair". 

We added the red ribbons in honor of Red Ribbon Week: 

The pictures I took of her turned out really well. . . even though I was stuck using my old camera. (My regular camera was in my car, which Derrick had taken to an early-morning dentist appointment.)

Adam was mad at me because I wouldn't shave his head. So at 7:55 am, Steve came up with this half-black & spiky, half-white & flat hairdo that put a smile back on Adam's face: 

Lucy stole the show with her crazy hair: 

The side view is my favorite: 

Lucy's hair stayed up pretty well throughout the day; she only needed a few bobby pins in the back.  

It was fun to see all of the other hairdos, but I think Lucy ought to stick to this style and see how tall we can go. This year, I used two double rolls of toilet paper and a small plastic cup. Click on the links to see pictures of 2011's crazy hair and 2010's crazy hair

After school, I wanted to take some more pictures with my regular camera; Lucy happily obliged: 

Next year, I am going to try a 2-liter soda bottle.