Crazy Hair Day 2012

For Crazy Hair Day at school, Rachel decided she wanted "Kaleigh hair". 

We added the red ribbons in honor of Red Ribbon Week: 

The pictures I took of her turned out really well. . . even though I was stuck using my old camera. (My regular camera was in my car, which Derrick had taken to an early-morning dentist appointment.)

Adam was mad at me because I wouldn't shave his head. So at 7:55 am, Steve came up with this half-black & spiky, half-white & flat hairdo that put a smile back on Adam's face: 

Lucy stole the show with her crazy hair: 

The side view is my favorite: 

Lucy's hair stayed up pretty well throughout the day; she only needed a few bobby pins in the back.  

It was fun to see all of the other hairdos, but I think Lucy ought to stick to this style and see how tall we can go. This year, I used two double rolls of toilet paper and a small plastic cup. Click on the links to see pictures of 2011's crazy hair and 2010's crazy hair

After school, I wanted to take some more pictures with my regular camera; Lucy happily obliged: 

Next year, I am going to try a 2-liter soda bottle. 


Natalie B. said...

We were so bummed because our school didn't do crazy hair day this year...they did crazy sock day, lame. You are so good at hair! That is pretty dang amazing.

Gloria said...

What fun! They are fun kids and good sports. I can't even imagine my kids letting me do that to them when they were growing up. Oh, yes I did dress them up in garbage bags for capes and fake horns for Halloween, so maybe???

Could Lucy's do really go any higher?

Min said...

How does one get in a car with hair like that?

Joe Smith said...

Hi, any chance we could see an updated version? Hopefully even longer/taller?