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I posted these pictures on Facebook last week, but I want to document them here as well.

Lucy's homework:

For dinner, Rachel made herself this delicious creation: fresh mozzarella, garden tomato, turkey breast, and pesto:

And then she loudly declared, "Martha Stewart is reborn!"

Lucy asked, "Who is Martha Stewart?"

Rachel replied, "She's this rich lady who went to jail for having everything perfect." 

. . . . . . 

We tried to talk our Learning Circle group into going skinny dipping at Pineview. We thought it would make for a very memorable celebration of Janelle's 30th birthday. But it turns out, Janelle already did that for her 20th birthday. . . and lost her swimming suit in the ocean. So instead, we just went to Tona: 

And then the next morning, we woke up to our first real snow of the season. Lucy went to school wearing my snow boots. And they were only slightly too big for her. 

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