Firefighter Dave

Two Mondays ago, we went to the open house at the North View Fire Department. I have fond memories of going to fire station open houses as a kid, but I'm pretty sure they are way cooler when your uncle is a fireman

Rachel, Lucy, Dave: 

We went early to avoid the crowds, which made it easier to take pictures:

And play with the clowns:

But in reality, going early just meant that the kids went around and did everything multiple times.

Except for the fire extinguishers. The man running the booth would not let Rachel, Ethan, or any of the other kids use the extinguishers. I thought they needed the experience more than the adults, but whatever.

We watched the helicopter land: 

And sat on the bleachers for the main event, a burn demonstration. That's Dave on the right:

Firefighters aren't as good at setting fires, so it took a little while (actually a huge stack of pizza boxes) to get the blaze going. It was a bit terrifying to watch the picture on the wall and the television just melt away: 

I was plenty hot sitting on the top row of the bleachers and was a bit surprised that they allowed a few rows of kids sitting in front of the bleachers. . . way too close to the fire for my comfort. 

Uncle Dave put the fire out, and then Isaiah stood up and proudly exclaimed, "Okay! Now I want to be a firefighter!"

The burn demonstration was supposed to show the benefits of residential fire sprinklers. But since we probably won't be installing sprinklers anytime soon, the take away lesson for me was that fires burn much slower when your house is clean.

As we were walking away, I heard the fireman explain how fire sprinklers work. Too bad Steve didn't get a lesson like that before he went off to college. . . he could have avoided the whole flooding Snow Hall incident.


Ragan said...

The man helping your kids with the fire hose in the first pictures is my dad :)

Min said...

Wait, Dave Ballard? The one I was in Florida with? I thought he lived in Florida?