Game Time

Last Tuesday was our first Jr. Jazz basketball game of the season. Rachel and Lucy are on a team with two of their best friends, Eliza and Sophia, and their cousin, Layla.

They lucked out and got a good, quality coach. It's kind of strange that his name isn't Ryan. (All three of their coaches for kickball, t-ball, and basketball have been named Ryan.)

They had one practice on Friday night, and then it was game time.

Well, first we had to go buy Lucy some new shoes because her feet are growing crazy fast. She currently wears a size 7 in women's sizing.

Rachel was super nervous for the game. Maybe that means she will be a better basketball player than I was? I liked basketball, but I don't think I ever cared enough to be nervous.

At this point in the game, Rachel had scored all of the points. . . for both teams. 

Soon after, Lucy scored another two points for the opposing team. I was too embarrassed/too busy laughing to get out of the bleachers again and take a second picture of the scoreboard.

Lucy's reaction was a bit different than Rachel's. . . Lucy was just excited to have made a basket!

(They both asked me to bring something to mark which basket they are supposed to shoot at for the next game.)

Lucy has really improved since last year. She played about half the game and was thrilled that the other girls actually passed the ball to her.

Sophia, Eliza, and Rachel (still a little flustered for scoring for the wrong team):

I just wish I had taken a picture of Layla and her awesome black eye.  


AngelaW said...

That is hillarious! I love that they are playing b-ball! I am sure they will figure out which basket is there's soon enough.

Gloria said...

At this point the most important thing should be that they made a basket! Too funny. That same thing happened in many games I coached through the years!