Halloween 2012

Rachel and Lucy dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 again this year because I love their costumes. Batman and Supergirl were part of our crew as well. 

Adam was so proud of his pumpkin. He wanted a picture taken by himself, so of course, I obliged. "This is going to be the best picture ever!"

Take a look at that blue sky. The weather was absolutely perfect.

We went to the Loosli's house for the 2nd Annual Neighborhood Halloween Parade and Dinner. There were a total of thirty kids and thirty adults. The games started at five and the parade started at five-thirty, with dinner afterward. I am noting that here because we had a hard time remembering what we did last year. 

We took these four kids from our ward with us:

The kids played some Duck, Duck, Goose: 

Bobbed for apples: 

And had lots of fun with their friends.

Oliver, Lucca, Adam:

Kaleigh & Taylor: 

Olivia, Eliza, Rachel: 

We paraded down the street two blocks and then back, stopping for candy along the way:

Paul and Celina passed out candy at our house:

I just decided that I want a picture of me and Steve standing in front of our house like this one:

I bought this mad scientist costume for Steve, but he informed me that he doesn't not dress up at work. So I was happy to let our neighbor, Ashton, borrow it. 

The kids posed for another group picture on the stairs: 

And then we went back to the Loosli's house for black bean soup:

Lucy just about died when she saw the Only in Ogden photographer, Bryan Smith, walk up. "He combined my two favorite things: PURPLE and BUGS!"

Do you suppose I can talk these two into being Thing 1 and Thing 2 again next year?

If I succeed, I will also try to get them to wear their wigs correctly.

We also went to the Trunk-or-Treat at the church, to a few houses around the neighborhood, and then to Sonora Grill. We dropped off the Jiminez kids and were back home by 8:00 pm, which must be a record. 

Rachel kept saying funny things. She told me they went to Sue's house (while I was in the car with a couple of cold kids). "Some of the lights were off, but we could see them inside having a party. All of the big names were there: Sue, Shalae. . . " 

Rachel also told me she was going to pass out candy at our door and act like an adult, "So what do we have here? A cute little pirate. And oh, my, you sure are a spooky-looking witch." But she actually just held out the bowl and said, "Take as many as you want." 

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