School Carnival

Four years ago, I took the kids to our very first school carnival. Afterwards, Kim Hunter talked to me about an opening on the Parent Organization board and wanted to know if I would be willing to fill it. 

I have been on the board ever since. 

Which means school carnivals have been busy. 

So busy that I didn't even take any pictures last year. But I got some the year before. And the year before that

This year, I was not in charge of the food. 

Which means they served hot dogs. 

But at least I was able to sit and watch the class performances. 

I took lots of pictures because I had a front row seat and Madey's mom wasn't able to attend. 

I'm posting all of them because I want Sherry to be able to see the percentage of pictures that show Madey's tongue sticking out :)

Here is Madey, walking out:

Adam quickly spotted us in the crowd:

Madey's tongue is back out:

The dance is about to start:

Here they go:

Round and round:

Following their teacher's lead:

They sang:

Not sure what's going on here, but Madey's tongue is back out:

And it stays out:

Until they start singing again:

They sang:

And sang:

And sang:

Instead of bowing, Madey just stuck out her tongue:

It stayed out:

For quite a while: 

I probably should have cropped Adam out of this picture, but I just needed to document the tongue:

These two crack me up: 

This is the best shot I got of Lucy's class dance. You can barely spot the bun in her hair:

So I took a picture later on with Lucy, her friend, Tyler, and her cousin, Layla:

In this picture, Rachel is very sheepishly trying to point out where we are sitting: 

Her class chanted the spanish alphabet, and marched, military style:

And she did her very best not to look at the camera (or smile too big) the entire time. 

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