A Fly on My Wall

Adam: Mom! I found a Boxelder bug that can be my new pet!

Derrick: Emily, there are a bunch of policeman at the door and they want to speak to you.

Kaleigh: Did a mosquito bite your face?
Me: No. They are just pimples.

Adam (with his Boxelder bug, Sam): Dad, I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Ballard Team.

Steve: As long as I'm with my family on Thanksgiving, the only thing I need to be happy is Diet Coke. . . And mashed potatoes and gravy. . . And turkey. . . And pumpkin pie.

(One minute later)

Steve: So did you find some good recipes in that magazine I brought home? (He can pretend all he wants, but Thanksgiving really is a big deal to him.)

Kaleigh (talking about Tania): Who is this queen?

Adam (talking to Tania): Hey, I ate some grass and it didn't even make me barf.

Lucy: Does it really actually make a difference in your life if you go to college?

Rachel: Ummm, Mom? I was supposed to put in 1/4 cup of butter, but instead I did 1 cup.

Paul: No, it's okay. You can eat it; I'm not really hungry. (That was funny because Paul was just trying to be polite. He is ALWAYS hungry.)

There was a whole lot of giggling in the basement. And then Rachel ran upstairs, opened my bedroom door, and sailed a paper airplane towards me. I unfolded it to read:

It's been a long day. . . 

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Mindy said...

These were all from one day?! I wish I could follow you around for a week (like a ghost) :) I'm sure that week would be the highlight of my year!