California Day 1: Trying to Get Out of Town and The Surprise

My plan was to post all five days together, in reverse chronological order, so they could be read in chronological order when scrolling down my blog. But we took this trip over six weeks ago. So I'm just going to post what I have and hope that I can finish the others before my next adventure. 

We were supposed to check the girls out of school at 10:00 am to leave for "Arizona". (They thought we were going to visit my cousin's family, which had actually been the original plan.) The girls were a little disappointed when I didn't show up until 11:00. I told them one hour late wasn't bad. Then we went to Sonora Grill for a ten-minute stop. . . but of course the computer system decided to crash, so we were stuck waiting for Steve to fix it for TWO HOURS! 

This is a good example of why we travel by car instead of plane. We never would have made our flight. . . 

It wasn't nearly as frustrating as it could have been because they just happened to be setting up for a Football Friday pep rally in the courtyard behind the restaurant. Adam quickly spotted Waldo the Wildcat, and ran over to harass him: 

Waldo returned the favor and came right over to mess with Lucy's braids: 

Sundance, the dancing horse, was there:

We had him all to ourselves because nobody else checks their kids out of school to go to a Weber State pep rally. Kaleigh's preschool teacher's husband saw us there. So then Kaleigh's preschool teacher told me I was a liar-face because we weren't really out of town. (You would have to know Kaleigh's preschool teacher to know that she can use a term like liar-face and it funny and not the least bit offensive.)

Lucy collected autographs from all of the cheerleaders and football players: 

And then it was finally time to hit the road.

The kids made it all of the way from Ogden to Las Vegas without getting out of the car. Steve, however, needed a few bathroom breaks along the way.

We drove straight to the New York New York Casino and ate dinner at Sirrico's Pizza. It was our anniversary and Steve desperately wanted to eat at LAVO, but we were in a big hurry to make up for leaving three hours late. We still wanted to eat on the strip, but we needed it to be fast. . . . so cheap pizza it was.

Adam and Kaleigh definitely did more dancing than eating: 


Steve and I kept looking at each other, trying to decide when to tell them the surprise. On our way out of the casino, we sat them down and told them where we were really going. It's not nearly as exciting as this cute video, but here it is: 


I assured Adam that we could go visit Austin in Arizona another time, so then we had four smiling kids: 

(By the way, Rachel and Lucy were the ones who decided they should dress in matching shirts; the matching red All-Stars, however, did make me a little giddy.)

And then we drove all the way to San Diego. Eleven hours from Ogden to San Diego with only one bathroom break. My kids are hardcore.

I really should have taken a video (or at least a picture) of when we picked up Derrick from the airport. Kaleigh was the happiest girl in the world and didn't stop grinning.

We found our budget-quality, but not-budget-priced motel, reluctantly checked in, and went to sleep for the night.

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Gloria said...

Only your family can have an adventure while waiting for the real adventure! Great trip, thanks for sharing!