California Day 2: The Nude Beach and Sea World

On the itinerary for Day 2 was the Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld. I had never been to SeaWorld before. I had actually been daydreaming about taking my kids SeaWorld for years, ever since the television stations were inundated with those magical commercials back in 2006. (Just kidding, that commercial is clearly not from 2006.) I think SeaWorld pushed a big advertising campaign in 2006 because that was also the year that one of the trainers was attacked by a killer whale during a Shamu show. . .

Anyhow, I was thrilled to be going to SeaWorld. Derrick, however, was completely exhausted from working 12-14 hour shifts, 7 days per week in Alaska. He was thrilled with the idea of sleeping all day. Our first hotel didn't end up being anything like it was advertised, so we checked out. But then when we tried to check in to our new hotel, the rooms hadn't been cleaned yet. Derrick had no hotel room to sleep in, so he decided to spend the day at the beach. 

We took him to Torrey Pines State Reserve. Of course, we all got out to see the ocean. 

Batman and Supergirl were very eager to pose for some pictures: 

(I couldn't figure out why Adam's Batman costume looked so strange. . . until we got home and Rachel found his belt.)

Rachel and Lucy were slightly embarrassed to be wearing their Halloween costumes on the beach. 

It was a little tempting to bag the whole plan to go to SeaWorld and just stay at the beach. . .

But I couldn't let my dream die. We left Derrick at the nude beach and went to SeaWorld. Yep, you read that correctly. We clearly had no idea. . . 

We scored at the ticket booth because October was Kids Free San Diego, which included SeaWorld. 

Sadly, I couldn't talk anyone into posing for a picture in front of all of the cool Halloween signs, mostly because the kids saw these beautiful flamingos: 


They darted right over and sat down on the curb where they could admire them from up close: 


Very close: 

It was pretty incredible. The kids weren't so impressed with the trick-or-treating at SeaWorld. . . about half of the candy was Mexican candy. So we continued on to our first ride, Journey to Atlantis


Rachel didn't want to go on Atlantis because she was not interested in getting wet. No complaints from me; that meant I didn't have to sit out with Kaleigh. And Rachel is a pretty good photographer: 

Rachel also took some 82 pictures of the ocean creatures in aquariums. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Steve and the older kids went to ride Wild Arctic, which Steve says was one of the best attractions in the park:

But Kaleigh was too short, so we went and watched the penguins. Have you ever seen penguins poop? It's pretty funny, especially to a three-year-old.

Near the top of our list at SeaWorld was to see the Pets Rule show. I know it's not even anything aquatic, but Adam is crazy about dogs.

Kaleigh and I went and stood in line 30 minutes before the show started so we could be first in line to pick our seats. That bag of candy sure came in handy. Kaleigh doesn't discriminate. . . she loves all kinds of candy equally.

The show did not disappoint. We saw dogs:  


Cats flying through the air:

And even a kangaroo!

Then we went over to the Bay of Play, where the kids played on the three-story net area, jumped around on the bouncy area, and got in trouble for being a little too violent in the punching bag area. (No pictures of the kids there because Steve walked back to the car to get lunch and I kept worrying that I had lost Adam.)

I think they might have liked the distorting midget mirrors the best: 

Have you ever shaken your booty in front of one of those mirrors? So funny.

After lunch, we went and sat down in line to wait for the extremely theatrical show, Blue Horizons

We had a bit of a disagreement where to sit. I wanted to be on the front row, but Steve and Rachel did not want to get soaked. The usher told us that we were going to get wet. . . like just-took-a-shower-with-your-clothes-on wet. I figured that was part of the SeaWorld experience, so I sat up front with Lucy and Adam. Steve, Rachel, and Kaleigh sat ten rows back.

We lucked out and only got mildly wet:

I was a little bothered with the two moms and ten girls who came and crowded our spot right before the show started. The usher told them they couldn't sit on the ground, so they all squished together at our feet. One girl couldn't fit, so one of the moms pointed at her to sit on top of my feet. I probably didn't have a very pleasant look on my face when I told the mom that wasn't going to work out. And that we had been there 30 minutes before the show started to get our seats. 


We did have an amazing view: 

The people in the show were super cheesy. Lucy asked me, "Does she realize how she looks?" Of course, Lucy later declared that is exactly what she wants to do when she grows up. I'm sure she could pull it off. 

Next, we hustled across the park to watch the One Ocean show:

The show wasn't very crowded, and we had a great view:

Adam and Lucy went down front: 

Right close to the edge of the pool: 

And got plenty wet:

I think Lucy was the only one who wanted to touch the stingrays:

Steve, Rachel, and Lucy waited in the long line to ride Manta, while I took Adam and Kaleigh back to the Bay of Play for some more rides: 

And then I was done.

Physically done.

Adam picked out his stuffed animal.

(For the record, we do not treat all of our kids equally because they each have different needs. Some kids need stuffed animals, some kids need candy, and some kids need special activities. And Steve needs Coke. . . even if it costs ten bucks.)

Rachel and Lucy rode Riptide Rescue.

I talked about how cool it would be to ride the Bayside Skyride. But I couldn't possibly walk over there.

I sat down while Steve and kids checked out the Shark Encounter.

And then I hobbled out of the park.

I only lasted six hours, but we had a great time at SeaWorld.

We picked up Derrick from the beach and tried to get dinner at Phil's BBQ, but the line was crazy long.

So we went and checked into our hotel room at Embassy Suites in La Jolla and got takeout from P.F. Chang's.

Somehow the kids talked me into taking them swimming. I could pick out quite a few Mormon families in the pool, who were likely taking advantage of General Conference weekend just like us. My kids chatted it up with a couple in the hot tub for a good hour or so. I kept saying it was time to go, but I didn't actually know if I could walk so we just stayed. Adam taught them some Spanish; Rachel and Lucy had them rolling in laughter from reciting Nacho Libre lines. It probably helped that they had been drinking. . .

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