Flu Shots, FHE, Three Pumpkins and a Witch

I started this post on Tuesday, but never finished. . . I can't decide whether I should backdate all of these drafts as I finish them or just leave them in the order I write them?

. . . . . . 

We grew nine beautiful pumpkins in our garden this year. I really wasn't in the mood for making a big mess, but Steve was insistant that we carve pumpkins for Family Home Evening. 

Actually, I wasn't in the mood to have Family Home Evening at all. 

After carpool, it was straight to the orthodontist. Rachel lost four teeth in two months. So after fifteen (or maybe it was actually fifty?) reminders, I finally made an appointment to get her retainer fixed. The orthodontist added four more brackets to Lucy's top teeth; she doesn't look like a beaver anymore. 

Then we hurried to the health department to get flu shots before our insurance runs out. Adam repeatedly threw Batman, his stuffed eagle, into the air. I tried to get him to stop and even threatened to take it away, but in reality, I was too busy filling out five registration forms to do anything about it. Kaleigh's shirt was on inside out, and when Rachel tried to fix it, Kaleigh let out a blood-curdling scream that was surely heard by every single person in the entire health department. And that was just the waiting room. . . 

As soon as we walked back into the exam room, Adam threw Batman up and across the room. The stuffed animal slid across the top of one of the three humongous glass-door coolers (filled with immunizations) and then dropped back behind. Adam started to whimper, Rachel called him a baby, and that only made Adam more upset. He squirmed back behind the coolers to retrieve Batman, while the nurse interrogated me whether the kids under the age of nine have had two flu shots in the same year within the last two years. I was scrambling to remember as she looked it up. (I thought I was doing good to make it in for one flu shot a year. . . making it back for the second round doesn't always happen.) Rachel and Lucy were both bouncing around the room. Then Rachel said something rude to Lucy and all pandemonium broke loose. I gave Rachel a stern look and whispered: sit down and be quiet!!!

That worked. But by then, I was completely unnerved. So when the nurse asked if we wanted shots or the FluMist, I caved. 

My dad is opposed to the live vaccine used in the nasal spray, and since he is one of the smartest people I know, I do my best to follow his advice. (Did you know that U.S. guidelines advise that a FluMist recipient is contagious for 7 days?) But in the moment, I couldn't handle any more crying kids. 

Everyone inhaled their nasal spray like a champ, except for Rachel, who was far more upset by the liquid in her nose than she would have been by a shot. The nurse acted bothered by Rachel's response, which left me trying to explain that she is very sensitive and has some OCD issues, which left me a little bothered by the whole situation. Overall, Rachel just wasn't as helpful as I expected her to be. . . sometimes I forget that she is only nine.

We went home and I was in the middle of trying to make dinner, direct homework, and keep Kaleigh occupied when Steve called. "I'm trying to decide whether I should still go to the gym?" I had expected him home at 5:30 pm. It was almost 6:00. And yes, Steve finally went back to the gym last week. After a two-year hiatus.

"No! I need you home right now! I thought you were going to the gym at 4:00?" 
"No, I had a meeting at 4:00."
"I thought your meeting was at 3:00?"
"Well, it was supposed to be at 3:30, but it got bumped to 4:00."
"You told me yesterday it was at 3:00!"
"Yeah, well, I'm thinking the gym is probably really busy right now anyway."
"I don't care if the gym is busy or not, I need you home now!"
"Yeah. . . I'm coming home."

Steve walked in the door and took over with the kids while I finished dinner. He even ran to Rancho Market to buy frozen peas for my chicken noodle soup. That was especially kind because Steve hates peas. 

After dinner, Steve gave a great lesson from Ether and talked about when the Jaredites were traveling across the sea to the promised land. 

And "they were many times buried in the depths of the sea." But the Lord heard their cries and "did bring them forth again upon the top of the waters." 

Steve tried to make a comparison and to Hurricane Sandy, but I knew the lesson was really meant for me. I was definitely feeling buried. 

I put myself on bathe-the-ornery-girl duty, and Steve went to work carving pumpkins with the other three kids: 

I was most impressed by Adam's. Steve gave each of them a piece of paper and had them draw out the design for their pumpkins. Adam, the boy who has absolutely no interest in coloring, came up with this: 

Steve said Adam looked at his drawing and said he needed something pointy for the teeth. "Toothpicks!" he declared, all by himself. I thought it was brilliantly creative. Sometimes that boy surprises me. 

And because I forgot to add these pictures to my Halloween post, I guess they go here. The next morning, Kaleigh decided she was going to dress up as a witch for her preschool Halloween party:

Cute little witch. 

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Natalie B. said...

Need to get back to you about the house...but A. Ryan hates peas and would never go to the store to get them! B. We didn't carve pumpkins this year at our house. C. So glad we got to see you guys this weekend!