From the Garden: Dry Beans

In an effort to become more self-sustainable, Steve grew pinto beans and black beans in our garden: 

They grow just like green beans, but then you leave them on the vine until the pods dry out and start to turn yellow: 

I was surprised how eager the girls were to shell the beans out of their pods. . . until they told me they were getting paid.

An easier method is to put all of the dried pods into a pillowcase and then swing it against the wall a few times. Then you can sift out the debris and collect the dry beans:

And then you look at how relatively small your bowl of beans is compared to the amount of work that went into producing them. And realize you could have bought just as many beans at the store for the amount of money your husband paid your daughters to shell them. But hurray for growing beans.  


Min said...

"But hurray for growing beans." I love it.

Gloria said...

I am proud of your self-sufficiency, cost isn't everything! At least you know if you had to grow beans you could!