He's Thankful for Bees

On Friday, I went to Adam's kindergarten class Thanksgiving Feast. They sang some songs: 

And then each child stood up with the microphone, said what they were thankful for, and showed their picture:
"I'm thankful for my mom." 
"I'm thankful for my family."
"I'm thankful for my baby sister."
"I'm thankful for my dog."
"I'm thankful for Veterans."
"I'm thankful for my Wii."
"I'm thankful for my mom."

And then it was Adam's turn:
"I'm thankful for bees."

When Adam came and sat down by us, I asked, "You're thankful for bees?"

"Yeah, mom. Without bees, we wouldn't have any honey."

By the way, the Thanksgiving Feast is not what you would think. It's pancakes and fruit, served with butter that the kids made: 

Kaleigh marched right up to Adam's teacher and started talking to her. I don't think teachers realize how common their name becomes at home. Adam has a wonderful teacher. Great friends too: 

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