Steve has been going up to Idaho once a week to help run the food services at a hunting ranch. On Saturday, we tagged along.

Our first stop was in Firth: 

We went to the taxidermy shop to use the restroom. . . and admire the animals: 

And then we were on our way to the hunting lodge. Steve pulled over so he could make a few phone calls before we lost cell phone coverage. Rachel decided that was a good time to go inspect the sprinklers:

It was a beautiful Saturday morning:

We drove right threw a few cattle drives, saw a bunch of deer, and continued on to the lodge. I didn't take any pictures of the cows or the deer, but I think Rachel and Lucy probably took about 200. They were acting like city slickers on their first trip to the country.

The Idaho lodge:

The highlight at the lodge was definitely the pool table: 

We made (what we thought was going to be) a quick stop on the way back. We tried to leave the kids in the car because Adam was coughing up a storm, but they didn't last in the car very long. 

He doesn't look very sick in this picture, does he?

This boy loves dogs:

As we pulled in, we commented on how beautiful it was, with the horses right up next to their house:

But the horses weren't supposed to be there, so the kids helped chase them away: 

Then we drove to Idaho Falls and ate lunch with my Dad: 

Before we let Adam in the house, it was time for some more cough syrup. (Don't worry, the bottle was almost empty.)

He was a little out of control at my dad's house and then promptly fell asleep in the car. That was perfect because then we let Steve and Adam sleep while the girls went to the YMCA to watch my cousin's son's basketball game. 

My cousin offered to take the girls to her house while we went to Sam's Club and it was like that part on Finding Nemo when the seagulls are chanting "Mine, mine, mine". Except they were chanting, "Please, please, please!"

I sat in the car with Adam while Steve went into Sam's Club. 

And then the text messages started: 

"I might freak out in here." 
"There is a line 10 people deep at each sample station." 
"You can hardly push a cart it's like Black Friday."

I'm not sure how any of that was conducive to texting, but then he called and told me he left his wallet in the car. 

He was still ranting and raving when he came out, "Do you know what bothers me the most about that place? That they check your receipt at the door. They need to show some respect and trust for their customers. I want to yell at them, 'If you think I stole something, call the police!'"

(Steve likes to go to Sam's Club early in the morning, during business hours. That way he doesn't have to see all of the people, be disturbed by the samples, or have to see as many people eating at the food court.)

We drove to my cousin's house, where the girls were still running around in awe at everything. "They have an indoor pool and a hot tub!!!" 

Adam enjoyed some more dog time:

And then it was time to go. I wanted to get a group picture of all of the kids before we left, but this is all we got: 

Three out of ten kids isn't bad, right?

If I can convince Natalie to buy this house that just popped up for sale on Friday, then there will be lots more opportunities to play together:

In addition to living on our very cool street: 

She would also score the most coveted location on the block, directly adjacent to the Eccles Art Center: 

Seriously, someone really ought to come snag that house before Steve decides we should sell and buy it ourselves!

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