NaBloPoMo 2012

I missed Day One, but I'm still going to play along with NaBloPoMo 2012. 

My real goal is to complete all twenty-four of my unfinished blog post drafts. Yes, there are twenty-four

For now, here's the quote of the week, courtesy of Steve:

"You know what I was thinking today? Why isn't there laundry detergent that makes your clothes smell like Skittles?


Rachael said...

Try liquid Gain in Mango Tango. It smells a lot like Skittles.

Fox said...

I'm glad your blog is public again. Tell steve that would be every pregnant ladies worst night mare. I can't think of a worse smell you know the kind that start out good and then if they don't go away quick they make you either pissed or sick? O it would be like living in a bath and body works store... that would be my hell.

emily ballard said...

Sweet! I will go get some of that detergent! (And then we'll be sure to stay away from all of the pregnant ladies.)

Min said...

He's got a good question.