Some Days

Some days you wake up at 7:00 am to bad news from the other side of the world. (No visa.)
And you do hair for three girls, feed four kids breakfast, and proudly get out the door in time for school.
But you forget to bring $1 for the Spain fundraiser so your daughter can wear non-uniform clothes.
She is distraught and begs you to turn around and go home.
But you are so pleased about being on time that you tell her that it will work out.
Maybe you will see someone you know on your way to school.
Just ahead, you see Saren's minivan oddly pulled over on the side of the road.
She has an extra dollar. Problem solved.
Drop two kids off at school and drive back home.
You do Raz-Kids all morning with the boy while you try to simultaneously wash the dishes, fold laundry, and clean the bathroom.
You read a book about going on a picnic. So you make yourselves a picnic. With cheese, carrots, mung beans, and Milky Way candy bars. (Rachel loves mung beans, but Adam has to be bribed to eat them.)
You drop Adam off at Madey's house so there is enough room for carpool.
And you pick up six kids from school. Drop them off. Pick up Adam.
Take Adam and Kaleigh to preschool. (Adam loves his old preschool teacher and wants to visit.)
Then back home to pick up Junior League poinsettia for piano teacher.
Drop off Rachel and Lucy at piano lessons.
Return missing jacket that you finally found at the movie theater's lost and found last night.
Then back home to look online at housing for Derrick for the 112th time this month.
And set up an appointment with lawyer.
Pick up Rachel and Lucy from piano.
Sit down and actually visit for few minutes because Adam and Kaleigh aren't with you.
Back to get mung beans that you forgot at home.
Take them to a friend who just had surgery.
You stop by Tania's sister's house.
And have a full conversation her deaf brother-in-law by typing notes on our iphones.

Rachel was fascinated. It was actually pretty neat.
Pick up Adam and Kaleigh from preschool.
Drive to North Ogden and pick up Layla.
Mortgage officer calls to ask questions about our income and things about Sonora Grill that you do not know answers to.
So you call the accountant.
And get the necessary information.
Drive by the house Derrick wants to buy.
Pick up Sophia.
Back home to change into basketball clothes.
And feed hungry kids.
You get some packages ready to mail. An online purchase return. Some snowpants you sold on ebay.
And a gift card to the owner of Andee Lew who made my day when she sent me a message on facebook and asked if we wanted to do some trade with Sonora Grill. (Love Andee Lew shirts.)
To the post office.
And then to the basketball game.
Team pictures before the game. While the girls are still smiling.
They lose 22-2.
(We aren't that bad. . . the other team was just crazy good.)
And then you lose Kaleigh for 2.5 minutes after the game.
Take Sophia home.
And then take kids to new Maverick down the street for frozen yogurt and Redbox.
Eat dessert first.
And then spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.
Bathe kids and into pajamas.
You take a quick trip to DownEast.
Drive by the house Derrick wants to buy again.
And then you come home. Look in the mirror. And realize you didn't do your hair today.
Like never even brushed it.

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Gloria said...

Knowing you, you looked good even without brushing your hair. I remember days like this but your's seem to never end!