Thanksgiving 2012

On Thanksgiving morning, we participated in the Second Annual Jefferson Avenue Turkey Trot. We had a fun group of exactly 20 people who ran/walked/biked/scooted down to the cemetery and back. 

Adam was all geared up for the race this year. He wore his sweatbands and everything. And although he clearly didn't wipe his face after breakfast, he actually did some running. He ran a block, hitched a ride in the bike trailer for a few blocks, ran another block or two, and then got back into the trailer for the rest of the way home.

Rachel proudly won second place. She is a good little runner. 

And then we were off to Grandma's house in Idaho for Thanksgiving dinner:

Fred and Lucy were the recipients of the coveted turkey legs:

Lucy was clearly very excited. . . not sure what that look on Fred's face means?

Dinner was so good. But let's be honest, the real highlight of Thanksgiving was these cute babies, who didn't end up spending very much time in their car seats: 

The picture on the left shows Lucy with Cora; the picture on the right shows Lucy with Ivy: 

Ivy is the most entertaining newborn I've ever held: 

She is almost always wide awake: 

And stares right into your eyes: 

Any question who she looks like?

Cora looks just like India and is equally sweet: 

Lots and lots of baby holding: 

And baby feeding: 

Sydney taught everyone how to count to ten in Chinese. (She is attending a Chinese immersion school.)

And then it was time for the 1st Malouf Family Spelling Bee. I had been collecting words since August, emailing myself words that spellchecker caught for me (hustle, cemetery, syllable, limousine, regrettably, excruciating, hemorrhage). I added these words to the list of 25 commonly misspelled words that I found online (twelfth, questionnaire, rhythmic, minuscule, millennium, etc.) 

We went from youngest to oldest. Each person drew a number, and then I looked up the coordinating number to find their word on my list. If they got the word correct, they were still in. If they got it wrong, they were out and the next person had the chance to spell the word. Kids 8 years and older were officially invited to participate. But then Sydney and Fred wanted to join us, so I chose some easier words for them. (Lucy benefited from getting some of their easier words passed onto her when they missed them.) Kids 12 years and under got two chances, everyone else was out on their first mistake. 

My mom refused to participate. Because she would have won. (Her words.)

Steve refused to participate. Because he is still scarred from the spelling bee at Utah State when Professor Mark Daines gave him the word, mozzarella. He got laughed off the stage after M-O-T. 

Sam got out earlier than I expected by adding an extra letter to the word, privilege. He says he has become too dependent on spellchecker. 

Ironically, everyone (even my mother) misspelled the word, daiquiri, which made me wonder if Steve could have pulled off the win. 

Rebecca was the spelling bee champion and won a $25 gift card to Sonora Grill.

Our 2nd place winner was Rachel: 

And the third place winner was Miss Lucy: 

Rachel gave her prize, the pineapple, to Sydney, and Lucy gave her prize, a pomegranate, to Fred.

Ivy is just larger than a pineapple, in case you were wondering: 

Rebecca took a whole load of pictures of me that I actually like. I guess the key is holding a cute baby?

No shortage of love for those babies: 

Trying to think of a good caption for this picture. . . 

We spent much of the afternoon watching home videos from 1987 while the kids played outside with this cart:

I loved watching Kacie and Sam in action with their babies: 

Finn entertained himself, decorating Kacie's boots with these plastic clothespins: 

There was also some unwelcome kissing that took place: 

And some iPad playing:

At least they were willing to pause their game and pose for a picture:

We also posed for a family photo, of course. We took a few pictures with the timer function, but the kids weren't actually looking at the camera. So then I took some shots, leaving a hole between Derrick and Steve for my Photoshop-pro sister to add me in. We also left a space in front of Sam for India, who was in St. George with her other grandparents.

Rebecca caught these pictures of Kaleigh and Talmage: 

I love this picture: 

And this series of pictures: 

And then it was time for dessert. Rachel made her very first pie this year, Lemon Chess Pie:

 The inside of her pie: 


She also made the delicious raspberry-cranberry sauce for the turkey. 

I made this pumpkin pie from the pumpkins in our garden. It was good, even though we didn't have any allspice. 

We also enjoyed this razzleberry pie, courtesy of Marie Calendar:

My Uncle James and Aunt Dona came over for pie. And then we followed them to the fishing pond, where we met up with my cousin, Aneesa, and her family. 

They went fishing to celebrate Samuel's ninth birthday: 

We don't go fishing very often, so I might have, technically, invited ourselves along. 

Derrick kept saying it looked just like the Transkei.

And then Steve would respond, "Yeah, except for the mountains." And then the next time Derrick said it, Steve would respond, "Yeah, except that we aren't by the ocean." And then the next time Derrick said it, Steve would say, "Yeah, except there aren't any round houses. And we have electricity. And cars. And paved roads."

Someone commented on what a great adult to child ratio we had.

It sure made things nice. 

Love the excitement of watching kids catch a fish:

At one point, my aunt told me, "You aren't really here for the fishing, are you? You are just here for the pictures." She might have been right.

It was my very first time fishing at sunset, and it was just so pretty: 

The pictures don't capture how beautiful it really was.

We stayed until Kaleigh's hands were freezing cold. Such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

. . . . . . 

P.S. I should note that Steve flew home from Mexico the night before Thanksgiving. He missed his connecting flight, so he didn't arrive home until after eleven. But the second he walked in the door, he went straight upstairs, showered, and then came down to join me cooking in the kitchen. We were up till 2:00 am making the grape juice, stuffing, and pies.

And then he woke up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to make the green beans. He's the best. 


Kayli said...

Looks like a really Fantastic day! All your kids and nephews and nieces are so cute!

Mindy said...

So fun! I love all the pictures of the kids, especially the twins. They are precious. And YOU, my dear, look stunning. Wowza :) Oh, big pat on the back to Steve for being such a great husband. Atta boy.

Natalie B. said...

So many things to comment on...
A. We miss having Rebecca, last Thanksgiving she spent with us and it was much better documented. Love the pictures! You all look wonderful and the babies are adorable.
B. Lots of memories of Thanksgivings in Kansas.
C. Everything looks delicious.

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Fox said...

hey that is a creepy last comment... anyway last night dean randomly asked me if your parents lived in Westside. I said yes and asked why. I guess he looked at your blog and could tell by the mountains. boys are so weird I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to recognize my own backyard if my car wasn't parked in the driveway.

Kassi Luck said...

Wow, what an eventful thanksgiving! Love all the pictures!!