When Did November Become Such a Busy Month?

So much for getting caught up on my blog posts. . . I think I'm as far behind as ever. I did actually start writing about California, but I want to post all five days together, so it will be another few days until I'm finished. I really can't believe November is halfway over. 

I've been listening to General Conference while I fold laundry. I learned from President Uchtdorf's talk that busyness is not a badge of honor. (I feel like I do a good job of purposely living each day. But I have a lot of room for improvement in interacting with other people and helping them feel important and loved. The problem is that I am a champion multitasker, which often leaves me a bit distracted.)

I hope I don't ever portray my over-scheduled life as superior because I long for more simplicity. But I do intend to continue to document the busyness and the day to day events of my life. I wish I had better records of our family life, pre-blog. Looking back on all of these memories. . . the good, the bad, and the craziness. . .  helps my attitude as a mother and brings perspective to my life. 

So here's what we've been up to:

Adam officially learned how to read. I love, love, love the Raz-Kids online reading program. 

I decided our grocery bills at Costco were getting out of hand, so I've gone back to using Pinching Your Pennies and coupons: 

I was released from serving as a Primary teacher and was called to be the secretary of my ward's Young Women. The first week was Young Women in Excellence, the second week was Standards Night. Next month, we are in charge of the ward Christmas party.

Some friends and I went to Tona to celebrate Sherry's birthday:

Kaleigh went back to the dentist to have her five cavities filled. We are doing our best to reduce her sugar consumption, but that isn't easy.  

I took Rachel, Lucy, and their friend to Pizza Hut to get their BOOK IT! pizzas. It really bothers me when businesses and restaurants advertise through elementary schools, but I'll always love the BOOK IT! program. Does anyone remember these buttons?

Even though I was tired and had a dozen other things that I should have been doing, I went to the new 007 movie with Steve on opening night. (He had been looking forward to it for weeks.) And then I realized that I actually like going to movies when Steve buys me popcorn and an Icee. 

The kids had some friends over to play in the snow: 

Actually, we spent most of the day inside making crafts. I finally made these bracelets for each of the kids in my Primary class:

We went to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. And then, after striking out at two other restaurants, we settled Subway for dinner. (Sonora Grill and Zupa's were both crazy packed.) I was relieved thatnobody else was at Subway because it took these six kids about twenty minutes to decide what they wanted to eat and place their orders: 

I snuck into Adam's room on Sunday morning and snapped this picture, without him even noticing. 

After church on Sunday, we told the kids that we were going to have quiet time. They went downstairs and played The Game of Life while Steve and I both took naps. It was absolutely incredible. 

Derrick finally got his new car:

For FHE, we used our movie coupons from Subway and went to see Wreck-It Ralph. Kaleigh sat on my lap during the entire movie and barely moved a muscle. It was absolutely incredible. 

Derrick made omelets for breakfast:

He has been doing a lot of cooking lately, and that is absolutely incredible, as well. 

I am so thankful for cute hand-me-downs from my friend, Debra:

I finally went to Thomas Hardy Salon for my make-up consultation with Alex Crabtree. (A birthday gift from my friend, Heidi. And yes. . . I was a little slow going in.) I was actually a little hesitant about the whole deal, but it was absolutely perfect. I told Alex to treat me like a 12-year old girl, and she very kindly taught me the art of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and all other things makeup related. I will spare you the glamour shot, but when Rachel first saw me, she (jokingly?) told me I had evil eyes. Adam asked what was wrong with me. Good thing Steve told me I looked beautiful. 

Somehow I pulled off piano lessons, PTA meeting, the second half of Rachel and Lucy's basketball game, Junior League meeting, and Learning Circle, all in one evening. 

The next day, we dropped our kids off at school and drove to Salt Lake for mediation with the Utah Antidiscrimination Division. We agreed to keep our discussion confidential, so I can't technically tell you what took place there. 

Derrick bought us lunch at Ekamai: 

I had the Drunken Noodle:

Rachel and Lucy both participated in their Achievement Days Recognition Night. I realized that we need to provide more opportunities for them to share their testimonies at home because Rachel was irrationally nervous about bearing her testimony. 

I found roundtrip tickets from Denver to New York City for $120. So I called and told Steve that I was planning a trip. "I can't go that week," he replied. He might have been a little disappointed to hear he wasn't actually invited. I talked two of my friends into taking a girls trip to New York. Sadly, just after midnight, we realized that the crazy cheap tickets weren't going to work. But once you've done the hard part and figured out a way for three moms to each leave their four kids and go to New York. . . you willingly pay the extra money for a regular-priced ticket and make your dream come true. 

 Steve came home late at night while I was booking my airline ticket. "Aren't you going to say anything?" I asked him. "You seem completely disinterested in what I'm doing." 

"I just think you're crazy." 

Something remarkable happened today. For the very first time this year, I didn't have to drive any kids to or from school. (Some days, I go back and forth to school four or five times.) Steve took the kids to school in the morning. My friend, Sherry, called and said she was out running errands and would pick Adam up from kindergarten. Derrick took Kaleigh to preschool. And it was my neighbor's day for carpool after school. 

I told Steve that I had no kids at home and no kids to pick up, so he decided we were going to see Taken 2. (Are you counting? That's movie number four. . . We can't seem to resist using our movie coupons.) As we walked into the theater without any kids at 12:30 pm, it definitely felt like we were breaking some sort of rule. 

Last week, I saw Liam Neeson looking very old on some late-night talk show, which made it difficult to watch some of those fighting scenes without giggling.  I'm certain that they had to manipulate the angle of the camera to account for his (lack of) speed and agility. But I loved having the theater mostly to ourselves. (There were only four other people there.) Two bonus points for me for knowing the name of an actor.

And tonight I took these girls to a Weber State Women's Basketball game. Women's games are fun because you can sit right close on the front row, Waldo goes around and talks to just about every spectator, and if you are loud enough, you can get yourself up on the Jumbotron. Good news, Lucy is loud.

Things I forgot this month, amidst all of that hustle and bustle: 

Sherry's birthday- She announced in spin class that she was going to work us hard so she could enjoy her ice cream sundae for her birthday. Whoops. . . I should have known it was her birthday. 

Going to Tona with Janelle- We went to Tona to celebrate Sherry's birthday. We were sitting at our table, looking over our menu and I looked right at Janelle and asked, "Is this your first time here?" How could I forget that we just celebrated her birthday at Tona less than two weeks earlier. 

My mom's birthday- I think it was blissful Sunday nap that made me forget. The girls finally called to wish her a Happy Birthday at 9:30 pm. (I did remember to order her present.)

Veterans Day- I got a whole stack of packages ready to go to the Post Office, waited for Derrick to come home, and giddily pulled up to the first parking space. And then I got to the door and realized the Post Office was closed for Veterans Day. 

Taking dinner to Angie- I completely forgot to take Angie's family dinner on the night I had signed up to help. (She just had back surgery.) Angie didn't ever say anything to me about forgetting either. . . I woke up one morning the next week, popped up out of bed, and realized what I had done. (Or rather, hadn't done.)

And if you haven't hung out with our family lately. . . maybe you should count yourself lucky. Some got hit harder than others, but we've all taken our turn being sick. There was one not-so-pleasant day that I had the pleasure of cleaning pee on the carpet (a deliberate "accident"), washing soiled underwear, scrubbing dried blood on the bathroom tile, and then got to hold Lucy's head as she threw up all evening. (The trifecta of motherhood?) That was the night that I hid the tickets to the Weber State basketball game because we clearly needed to stay home and recover. . . 

Wow. Fifteen more days until December.


Stephanie Dirks said...

I seriously love your words:) You make me laugh so hard. Trifecta? Where do you come up with that stuff? You are so funny!!!

gloria said...

Love the updates! I remember the Book It pizza nights!
When are you going to New York?

Aneesa Bee said...

oh your life so reminds me of mine!!! I loved catching up with what has been going on. You are so fun to read!