2012: The Year According to Adam's iPod

I updated Adam's iPod and downloaded 658 pictures he took over the last year. The camera is one of my very favorite features of iPods. I loved seeing our year through the eyes of my very favorite little boy. Hope you do too. 

Actually, I'm going to start back in 2011. Because that's when Adam got his iPod. He asked for a blue dog for Christmas. Instead he got an iPod with a screensaver of a blue dog: 

December 2011:
Lucy the Elf

January 2012:
Adam's room, before he moved out. Paul moved in from June thru October.
February 2012:
Weber State Basketball Game

March 2012:
Rachel and Lucy's Swim Team Practice 

April 2012:
Neighbor/friend Ashton
He is also a good babysitter
May 2012:
Glacier National Park

Driving to Alaska

We saw lots of bears

Adam took 26 pictures of the sun. 

And met Smokey the Bear. 

June 2012:
At an Indian restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska

Adam took 51 pictures of these bears in Haines, Alaska

July 2012:
Our beloved trampoline, before it was broken by Adam and some neighbor boys
A screenshot of Adam's iPod

August 2012:
Lots and lots of pictures of Kaleigh

She is his silliest model 

Walking into church

Labor Day Weekend at Sam & Kacie's house

September 2012:
Lots of bananas on the kitchen counter. We dehydrated about 150 pounds. 

October 2012:
Driving to California

California Adventure
Playing with cousin, Isaiah

The juicing of grapes took over the kitchen 

November 2012:
Adam became obsessed with stuffed animals

Adam's friend, Madey, jumping off the air hockey table onto a mattress on the ground 

December 2012:
Noah, Adam, Madey

Lucy's iPod

Lucy's iPod is completely different from Adam's. She has very few pictures in comparison to an astounding number of wallpapers. 

Some of them are just cool/funny pictures:


But the majority of them are things like this:


It was March 27 before Lucy actually used her camera:


She took a bunch of photos with her iPod on our trip to Alaska: 

Including 58 pictures at the Signpost Forest:

Lucy took a picture of the bananas:

This alien shot of Kaleigh:

And some of the crayons we melted:

But then it was right back to the wallpapers:

 Oh wait. A couple hair pictures: 

And a music video: 


Then back to wallpapers: 

Ahhh. . . what would we do without Lucy?!?

P.S. Rachel asked me if I was going to post her pictures next. The answer is no. Because #1 she has over 1,600 photos on her phone, which is kind of exhausting to think about. (And that's only going back to May.) #2 She has her photos organized into different folders (hair, family, etc.) And that probably gives you enough information right there. And #3 I just downloaded BlogPress on her phone, so hopefully she will start posting more pictures on her own blog.