California Day 5: Mickey's Halloween Party

I woke up super early in the morning and drove Steve to the airport. 

The kids leisurely woke up, ate breakfast, and went to the pool. 

These two sat in recliners and played on their phones:

Adam jumped in and out of the hot tub 237 times:

Kaleigh walked around, playing fairy princess with her stick of dried seed pods. 

That translates to Kaleigh walked around, bossing everyone around with her stick of dried seed pods.

Lucy basked in the sunshine and enjoyed having the entire pool to herself:

That is, until an Indian man with his two young boys came and joined us. His male anatomy was unusually large (like halfway down to his knees) and his swimming suit only drew more attention to what must have been a physical deformity? I did take a picture. But Steve says it is inappropriate to post, so you will just have to use your imagination. We left soon after because Rachel couldn't stop staring. 

Rachel was still feverish, so I decided to pack up our things and check out of our hotel. That whole process sure made me miss Steve. Rachel was being a good sport, but she wasn't feeling well and I figured it would be best to get her home as soon as possible. 

We left our hotel and drove to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party. It was warm, especially for Thing 1 and Thing 2. 

I think there's always a bit of apprehension at theme parks until the kids have a few rides under their belt. We started off with It's a Small World and then went to Mickey's Toontown, where we saw . . . Goofy!

I made Derrick pose for a picture with Goofy by himself.

So we could have a sequel to this picture, taken on a trip with Rebecca and Tyler seven-and-a-half years ago: 

Derrick took a long look at that picture and told me how much he liked that jacket and do I know what happened to it? Ummmm, sorry. . . it wouldn't fit you anymore. 

We rode the Roger Rabbit ride and played with all of the fun interactive displays. 

And then we rode Gadget's Go Coaster:

Which was a lot faster than I expected:

Seriously. Lucy almost lost her wig.

Next up was the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. They kept us waiting in the handicap line far longer than the people in the regular line. But it was worth the wait; Adam told me it was his favorite ride.

Driving the go karts at Autopia was another favorite: 

Adam was happy about everything, even standing in line. Actually, I took this picture of him because a woman came up and asked Rachel and Lucy if she could take their picture. Their costumes were a big hit (for everyone under the age of five and over the age of fifty, according to Rachel). Adam didn't understand why she would want a picture of them without him, so he asked me to take his own picture:

By this time, everyone without special passes to Mickey's Halloween Party had been kicked out of the park. The lines for rides were smaller than normal because so many people were spending their time in line for candy. We didn't ever go too far out of our way to get candy, but stood in a few lines just because that's where we ended up. Unlike Sea World, all of Disneyland's candy was normal. And each treat station generously handed out multiple fun size candy bars. Once I saw that they also had those little packages of pre-sliced apples, I got a trick or treating bag for myself. (We didn't spend one penny on food at Disneyland, thanks to those bags of candy.) It was also a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes; that actually helped pass the time of waiting in line.

I accidentally left my lens cap on the ride at the Matterhorn Bobsleds, but Rachel spotted it and snagged it for me at the last second. She is an amazing little helper, even when she isn't feeling a hundred percent.

Space Mountain was transformed into the Ghost Galaxy for Halloween and was extra scary for the little kids. (It was clearly very exhilarating for me.)

We caught quite a few rides without any lines at all. . . The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride is similar to Toy Story Mania at California Adventure. . . not quite as fun, but no long line. After riding Star Tours, Rachel said, "I probably would have liked that ride better if I had actually seen Star Wars." Watching Michael Jackson in Captain EO made me laugh. Watching Derrick light up when he watched Michael Jackson made me laugh. Watching Kaleigh dance along with Michael Jackson made me laugh. Good times.

But then we were pretty much done. Rachel wasn't feeling well. Lucy was tired (from swimming for two hours). Actually, everyone was tired.

We finished up with nine rides, one show, and about two pounds of candy per kid. Highlight for the kids: picking out their souvenirs. Next time maybe we should just go to the Disney Store?

Just kidding. There is definitely a magical feeling at Disneyland and we made some wonderful memories. It probably worked out just fine that Rachel wasn't feeling well because she would have been the one who would have felt gypped by leaving before the park closed. I wish I had taken more pictures while it was still light outside because there were lots of fun decorations and great costumes too. And I wish we would have gone on the Jungle Cruise. . . but Lucy said she was too scared? Oh well. 

We did sit around and wait for the fireworks show. But we sat right by the park entrance, so we could leave quickly as soon as it ended. Don't they look thrilled?

This is how the other kids looked: 

We rode the shuttle back to the parking lot, and Adam declared it was the very best day of his whole life: 

It sure is fun to have such happy kids. 

Trips are always a great way to keep Steve to ourselves for a few days, and this trip also served it's purpose well to transition Derrick back from Alaska. In addition, it worked out wonderfully to get so much "Halloween" under our belt so early in the month of October. This was the first year that I felt no obligation to take my kids to any of the pricey Halloween activities around town (Dinosaur Park, Treehouse Museum, etc.)

In case you are curious, the total cost for our trip to California was $2234. Not bad for seven people for five days. All of our hotels were two bedrooms, and that amount also includes souvenirs. And Steve's expensive soda. And the ridiculous $45 I had to spend because I forgot to pack a stroller.

The price of our trip very closely coincides with the amount of money we spend for health insurance for two months. . . which is how I justified our trip. We've survived one month without health insurance and have one month to go. (I know that going without health insurance is risky business. It wasn't an intentional decision. . . We are in the process of getting approved for health insurance through HIPUtah.)

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