Christmas Morning UPDATED: Link to Dance Video

I think it's safe to say that the kids were excited: 

We all got to bed at a decent hour, except for Rachel. She was up till midnight, and I'm guessing she did some snooping. I can't come up with any other explanation how she would have been able to guess that the large box in the picture below was a basketball hoop:

Every time we turned our backs, the kids kept creeping down another stair, closer to the living room. When they get older, I will miss this part of Christmas.

The kids were all delighted with what they found in their stockings. They were filled with a bunch of the things they ask for at the store that I never let them buy: fingernail polish, Nutella & Go, silly string, and spray cheese:

Derrick found something special in his stocking:  

Some of the other kids are a little more animated when expressing their excitement:

Santa Claus brought each child three presents to open: 

(Rachel told me I was taking too long with this post, so she took over and wrote these next few descriptions herself.)

The kids pitched in and gave Steve two half-pound milk chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Lucy made this at school for Steve and I, it had an ornament in it: 


The kids put this all together for me: Skittles and Hot Tamales with Mio and Spoon Me gift cards. (Rachel thought of it, she is awesome.)

On Christmas Eve, all of the kids open their presents from Steve, it is always cereal and the point is to not have to make breakfast in the morning but he does anyways. He is wearing the ski pants and jackets I gave him. 

Everybody made a big mess. I got to clean it all up.

Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Richard came over and brought more presents, like this box for Kaleigh. 

Steve, Rachel, and Lucy went skiing. Lucy was the only one going slow enough for a picture. 

Oh wait. There's one of Rachel. Doesn't she look legit?

I think those peaches really bring out the color of her eyes. 

I missed out on the dance party downstairs. So glad Derrick got it on video. 

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