Color Vibe Run

One more old post before I get started on New York City pictures. (Sorry, Heidi!)

The Saturday after we got back from California, there was a Color Vibe Run in Ogden. I signed up as a volunteer because #1 I wasn't up to running a 5K, #2 The age cutoff for free registration was seven years old, and I didn't want to pay three registration fees, and #3 I knew that as volunteers, we would still be able to have fun with the colored powder. . . It turns out, you probably actually have more fun as a volunteer. 

The night before the race, Rachel was being bad (not listening, fighting with Adam, talking back, etc.) This was very uncharacteristic, as Rachel and Lucy are both generally very good kids. They are also fairly spoiled kids. I go out of my way to take them to do a lot of fun things. And I have tried very hard to teach them that the reason why they get to do so many fun things is because they are well behaved and helpful. We work hard and we play hard. 

So after her poor display of behavior, I told Rachel that she wouldn't be able to do the Color Vibe Run. 

She bawled. And bawled. And bawled. As if it was the most horrible thing I had ever done to her. (At one point, I wondered to myself if it actually was?)

On Saturday morning, I was tempted to bail on the whole thing. It was cold and rainy outside. And Rachel was still crying. But then I decided that skipping the race wouldn't be fair to Lucy, and it would be more of a lesson to Rachel if we actually went without her. So we did. 

Lucy and I went up to Weber State University, and we had to drive around for a few minutes before we found the race. I was shocked by the low turnout. When we ran Color Me Rad at Utah Valley University in April, the campus parking lots were completely packed. Low numbers was the first of many differences between the two races. . . 

We located the Color Vibe registration tent and told them we were there to volunteer. The guy said that the volunteer truck had already left, so just walk down the road until you get to a color station. We walked about four blocks and found four boxes of colored powder on the sidewalk. Not much of a "station". But Lucy was thrilled to see that it was purple, instead of pink, as the map indicated:

Two more adults and four little kids later showed up to help as well. We broke open the boxes, stood across from each other, and waited for the runners to arrive. The color stations at the Color Me Rad race were much better defined and much more exciting. There were way more volunteers at Color Me Rad, some with color sprayers. I did my best to show those other people at the purple color station how to be loud and cheer on the runners, but Lucy was the only other one who really caught on. (The next three photos were taken by Only in Ogden.)

We were the last station of the race, so I felt fully responsible to make sure those runners didn't get by with too much white left on their clothes.

It probably would have been about five times more fun if we had friends with us at our station. And I was feeling a little guilty for leaving Rachel at home. But I still had such a great time with Lucy. 

After the last of the runners (walkers) came through our station, Lucy and I jogged to the finish line. 

There were residual piles of powder on the ground, and Lucy did her best to get as colorful as possible. I love this picture, another one taken by Only in Ogden: 

Lucy was one happy girl. She would have stayed and rolled around in the colored powder all day, if I would have let her. This is what she looked like when I finally told her it was time to go home: 

Lucy took a picture of me, but she only got half of my face:

Good thing there was a photographer on hand to get another shot of the two of us together: 

I learned that not all color runs are the same . . . but it actually turned out to be nice that there weren't huge crowds of people. (And maybe that's why the colored powder was so plentiful?) 

The folks running the Color Vibe race were very nice. And generous too! Someone came up to me and Lucy and handed up two extra t-shirts before we left.

And then we went home. Where Lucy had the. most. colorful. shower. ever. 

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