Happy Birthday to Kaleigh (and Gracie too!)

A week before Christmas, we celebrated Kaleigh's birthday: 

Four years old:

(She couldn't wait to go swimming and changed into her swimming suit the minute we got to our hotel.)

And now for a demonstration on How to Properly Blow Out Your Birthday Candle: 

Kaleigh loved opening all of the gifts at her party. Adam gave her one of his puzzles that she is always trying to play with. Lucy gave her the beautiful chiffon skirt she got for her birthday when she turned five. (Kaleigh was constantly trying to sneak it out of Lucy's room.) Rachel gave her a laser pop and some other treats. Gracie gave her a set of Hello Kitty lipstick, sugarfree push pops, and sugarfree gum. (The girl has an addiction to candy, so sugarfree is a good idea.) Derrick got her a nice warm down coat, snow pants, and some princess puzzles. And I gave her the 3-year old photo book I made through MyPublisher.  

The highlight of the night (for the kids) was swimming at the hotel pool. It was kind of loud for the adults.

We invited Gracie to celebrate with us since her birthday is one day after Kaleigh's. Her broken arm prevented her from doing much swimming: 

But the strawberry crepes for breakfast made up for it: 

Look! The kids can finally carry all of their own gear:

We stopped at Spoon Me on the way home for Gracie's birthday yogurt:

Happy Birthday Kaleigh and Gracie!

. . . . . .

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