Lucy's iPod

Lucy's iPod is completely different from Adam's. She has very few pictures in comparison to an astounding number of wallpapers. 

Some of them are just cool/funny pictures:


But the majority of them are things like this:


It was March 27 before Lucy actually used her camera:


She took a bunch of photos with her iPod on our trip to Alaska: 

Including 58 pictures at the Signpost Forest:

Lucy took a picture of the bananas:

This alien shot of Kaleigh:

And some of the crayons we melted:

But then it was right back to the wallpapers:

 Oh wait. A couple hair pictures: 

And a music video: 


Then back to wallpapers: 

Ahhh. . . what would we do without Lucy?!?

P.S. Rachel asked me if I was going to post her pictures next. The answer is no. Because #1 she has over 1,600 photos on her phone, which is kind of exhausting to think about. (And that's only going back to May.) #2 She has her photos organized into different folders (hair, family, etc.) And that probably gives you enough information right there. And #3 I just downloaded BlogPress on her phone, so hopefully she will start posting more pictures on her own blog. 

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