Milligan Family Christmas Party

My kids were so thrilled to join their cousins at Day 1 of the Milligan Family Christmas Party this year. Yes, you read that right. The Milligans know how to party; our Christmas parties last two days. 

We were a little late because we always have so many things to do in Logan. Like trying out all of the new toys at Sam's warehouse. Yes, Rachel is wearing a fanny pack. You will see why. . .  

The party began at the bowling alley:

But not just any bowling alley. . . Pop'n Pins Lanes: 

Rachel and Lucy were absolutely giddy. Rachel walked in, looked around all wide-eyed, and said, "It feels like I've already been here before!" Nope. But she has watched Napoleon Dynamite approximately 219 times, so she is pretty familiar with the scene where Kip and Uncle Rico go bowling and discuss their business plans. 

Adam was ecstatic to play with Fred: 

And Finn is always this smiley:

We got to see this cute out-of-state baby for the first time:

Surprisingly, she never got her fingers pinched:

Rachel and Lucy just love my Milligan cousins: 

We used just about every lane in the whole bowling alley. . . and then we left a whole lot of shoes on the counter when were were finished: 

I bought Rachel a bowling pin that was used in the filming of Napoleon Dynamite as a souvenir. They were five bucks and there were only two of them left:

After bowling, we went to my Uncle Kent & Aunt Deb's house. Most of the kids and some of the adults went on a hayride that involved a lot of Christmas caroling and pop song singing. (So much singing that Rachel lost her voice.) Adam and I stayed back and didn't go on the hayride due a little incident that involved Adam spitting off the balcony above the family room. It worked out for me because I don't like being cold. 

Most of my cousins stayed the night in Logan. When it was time to drive home, I was really wishing I had booked a hotel room too. The snow was really coming down hard; my drive back to Ogden through Sardine Canyon was one of the worst in years. 

I arrived home at 11:30 pm, put the kids to bed, and then Steve helped me finish up the Bride & Groom Caramel Apples for Julie's bridal shower the next day. 

Day 2 of the Milligan Family Christmas Party started with a service project at the LDS church in Cove. It's the church that Steve and I first attended as newlyweds

We assembled hygiene kits: 

Treat bags:

Here's a closer look of some of those girls. . . I'm not sure if Rachel and Lucy left their side all weekend.

And we sorted through clothing and food donations that men loaded onto Sam's trailer to deliver to some families. Be sure to get a good look at Jamie's face in this picture:

At one point I looked around to see where everyone went. And then I found them all, congregated over by Sam and Kacie's cute little babies:

After lunch, the girls went to Ronald and Jodie's house for Julie's bridal shower:

Natalie, Rachel, Julie, Jill: 

We played 2 Truths and a Lie while we waited for everyone to arrive. This is my Aunt Jodie, telling everyone how she used to be a stripper: 

We also played "How Well Do You Know the Bride". Leslie prepared a great list of twenty questions about Julie. For every question that you got wrong, you had to take a gum ball:

I ended up with a whole mouthful of gum balls. I never would have guessed that Julie majored in Biology or that she is worried that Josh might turn into a hoarder.

Did you know that Sam has a special line of satin silky sheets, perfect for honeymooners?

Jodie was super brave to let those little girls have blue punch in her family room, but I don't think there were any spills. 

The caramel apples were the party favors:

Here's Jennifer and Abigail: 

And cute little Sophie: 

This picture shows thirteen of H.J. & Edna Milligan's eighteen granddaughters. Back row: Andrea, Holly, Kimberly, Julie, Lauren, Jamie, Candace, Natalie. Front row: me, Leslie, Staci, Jill, and Jennifer: 

Robin was at the Christmas party, but left right after lunch. We were missing Rebecca in Washington,  Heidi in Arizona, Jodi in Oklahoma, and Angela in Colorado. I love that so many of my cousins (and cousins-in-law, Ally, Carly, and Rachael,) have blogs so we can keep in touch. 

(Some of you ought to post an update every once in a while. . . just sayin.)

Then it was back to Kent & Deb's to gather the kids and go home. Another fun Milligan party!

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Natalie B. said...

Ok, you got way better pictures than I did! Especially at the bowling alley! Ha ha! I am so glad you posted how to do the Caramel Apples....de-LISH!!!! Thanks for doing that hard work. Also glad to know about all the other cousins blogs! I had no idea! Merry Christmas. PS I wish knew Sam sold those toys you showed up top. I got my boys one for Christmas as some fancy dancy toy store. Seem pretty fun!