Ogden Santa Run

Last year, we watched the Ogden Santa Run and decided it was so much fun that we wanted to participate. So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Rachel donned a Santa Claus costume and Lucy dressed up as an elf to run with 1000 other Santas down Washington Boulevard. 

I took some wonderful pictures, but, sadly, later realized there was no photo card in my camera. Here are some pictures taken by Only in Ogden and On the Hill Events, as well as some from my iPhone. 

There were so many Santas that we couldn't find Rachel and Lucy in the crowd: 

Luckily, they found the Only in Ogden camera: 

Kaleigh was a very cheerful spectator:

Adam and Steve did their best to act unimpressed. Steve's actual words were, "There is no shortage of people willing to be silly."

I look at it as there is no shortage of creative people. I love seeing the costumes people come up with for races: 

This is Adam, concentrating as hard as he can not to smile. 

His countenance changed as soon as he saw the milk and cookies: 

I told Rachel it was a really casual race, so she could stop and let me take her picture. "Probably not, Mom". 

She finished the 5K with a time of 33:48 and got 5th place in her age group. She says that next year, she isn't going to wait for Lucy to keep up with her. 

I caught a couple friends speeding by: 

Lucy was so excited as she flew down the street towards the finish line. No official time for her because runners 8 years and younger are free (and untimed): 

This is Lucy, and our cute neighbor, Riley, who were running partners:

Lucy and Rachel at the finish line: 

Adam was super happy with the situation once he had a handful of cookies: 

And then we went to Sonora Grill for some dinner. And hot chocolate: